What comfort food should you make?

When do you wake up?
Bright and early! I like mornings because I can take my time getting ready, have a good breakfast and get organised for the day.
Mid-morning. It’s the perfect time for brunch (the best meal of the day!) and then I can smash out all my work during the afternoon.
Noon or later. It’s the holidays! The whole point is to sleep in, right?
No set time. I just wake up whenever I feel like I’ve had enough sleep. I trust my body!
Which outfit would you prefer?
A comfy sweater under a waterproof jacket, black pants, and stylish sneakers.
A knitted jumper, gingham-print pants, and Doc Martens.
A soft hoodie, fleece-lined sweatpants and fluffy slippers.
A chic winter coat over a bright jumper, denim jeans and black boots.
Where in the world do you want to explore?
The Maldives
Choose a colour:
Which of these beverages would you want the most?
Freshly brewed coffee, however you like it
Hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream
Bubble tea
Orange juice with ice
What is your ideal house?
A modern home with a lush backyard and stylish kitchen.
A cottage in the countryside beside a beautiful lake, warmed by a fire- place in Winter
A mansion with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pool, game room and tennis court.
A cosy apartment decorated with potted plants, fairy lights and a balcony looking out towards the city.
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