Take the self-love indicator quiz to discover
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Select All That You Agree With:
I am aware that how I conduct myself sends a strong message to others. I behave in ways that show that I care and respect myself.
I feel proud of who I am.
I am comfortable to follow a path that honours what I believe in and what is right and best for me.
I do not tolerate others lying to me or treating me unfairly. I am comfortable to speak up and address this should it happen.
I believe that I am worthy of being treated well.
I tend to engage in social comparison (e.g. TikTok, Facebook and Instagram) which can make me feel badly about myself and not good enough.
I act in accordance with my highest level values and ideals.
I feel competent in my abilities.
Select All That You Agree With:
I pay attention to my needs and I care for myself.
Being mindful helps me to be self-aware.
I have spiritual practices in my life that fulfill me.
I give myself time and healthy outlets to process my emotions.
I think about the aspects of my life that cause stress including the ways in which I can proactively address and eliminate stress.
I take charge of my physical health.
I always ensure that I get enough sleep.
I cultivate and maintain close relationships that are rewarding.
Select All That You Agree With:
I notice difficult thoughts and I allow myself to be present to them. This creates a space for me to acknowledge my experience.
I am comfortable to make choices that honour my highest values even when these are different from others.
I can recognize where I’ve gone wrong. Rather than get caught up in blame and judgment, I strive to learn from my experiences and I adapt and change course for the next time.
I acknowledge and own my feelings even when they are negative. I seek to change how I feel to feel better.
I approach my experiences with non-judgmental curiosity and emotional care.
I can comfort myself with caring words and gestures (such as placing my hand on my heart centre).
Practising mindfulness allows me to notice what I need.
I find validation in acknowledging my struggles (“I know things are not ideal right now.”)
Select All That You Agree With:
I typically feel proud of myself.
I easily reflect upon what I am good at.
I always take a moment or two to feel positive and appreciate what I have accomplished.
I tend to feel positive about myself and about my life in general.
I can accept all of me as I am. I am open to change and growth and becoming all that I can be.
Self-acceptance means that I am aware of can continue to improve myself.
I see all of myself with honesty and clarity and I actively look to make improvements because doing so helps me to feel even better about myself.
Sometimes I can be critical of myself.
Select All That You Agree With:
I often reflect upon difficult situations to assess: "How I can use this experience as an opportunity to grow?"
I do consider whether I have done everything possible to make things right. I also recognize that I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
I use guilt and remorse as a gateway to positive behaviour change.
It is important to me to learn from any experience and to better myself.
I am able to accept and forgive myself for what has happened knowing that to do so helps me to move forward and to hold a positive mindset from which to improve myself.
I always attempt to repair the damage of my actions. In making amends and apologizing, I feel a sense of peace in knowing that I made an effort to do the right thing.
I am able to practice self-love and to be self-compassionate in the face of my mistakes.
I can move from self-loathing into self-compassion quite quickly as I feel remorseful for my wrongful actions.
Select All That You Agree With:
I become defensive when someone gives me feedback.
I am always willing to look at myself honestly even when it can be painful to admit my mistakes.
I make time to explore my feelings and inclinations rather than deny them.
I take ownership of my actions in an honest and forthright way. This helps make it easier to move forward in life.
I sometimes hide the truth from myself to avoid having to deal with what it will mean.
Being true to myself is very important.
Being self-honest helps me to have a positive mindset.
I sometimes catch myself when I am telling a white lie or if I am embellishing a story and I immediately feel terrible.
Select All That You Agree With:
I make time to be alone with myself each day and I enjoy being in my own company.
I am worthy of the experiences of good things in my life and I easily seek out what I desire most.
I appreciate the person I am.
I am worthy of success. Part of success is valuing who I am and how I choose to live my life.
I pursue activities that are meaningful to me and I act in line with my personal beliefs.
I often challenge my critical inner voice to feel empowered and reminded of my goodness.
I appreciate all that I have accomplished and I reflect upon my core strengths quite regularly.
I view myself favourably and have the utmost faith that I can set and achieve my goals.
Select All That You Agree With:
I have a good sense of when I am not feeling at my best and I always ensure that I take a few moments to help myself feel better.
I can quickly calm myself when upset.
I remain flexible and I adapt well to change.
I view challenges as opportunities.
I can reassess a situation and change my thoughts and perspective in order to help improve how I feel. This helps me to cope.
I monitor my mind and body frequently to assess how I am feeling as a practice of feeling in harmony.
I stay calm and I think carefully before I react.
I give myself time to become calm even if this means not making a decision right away. This helps me to make better choices.
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