What are fertilisers
Concentrated chemical or organic sources of plant nutrients
Pesticides used to kill pests on plants
Fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients
What are the three major plant nutrients that most fertilisers are based on?
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium
Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium
Sodium, Chlorine, and Sulfur
Why are fertilisers important?
To improve soil structure
To add color to plants
To improve plant growth
What are the two types of fertilisers?
Organic and inorganic
Chemical and natural
Compost and manure
Which type of fertiliser is usually slower-acting and made from plant or animal sources?
What are controlled-release fertilisers?
Synthetic forms of plant nutrients
Granules of inorganic fertilisers coated with a porous material
Organic fertilisers that degrade slowly
What is the purpose of fertiliser labels?
To make the packet look attractive
To explain the composition and nutrient content of the product
To hide important information from consumers
What is the recommended dilution rate for liquid fertiliser made from nettles?
What is the method of fertiliser application where quick-acting fertilisers are applied to the soil surface around plants to stimulate growth?
Top dressing
Side dressing
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