What is your favorite movie genre?
When do you usually watch Christmas movies?
All year :P
Christmas eve!
With my family and friends
Only if I'm forced to
What kind of main character is your favorite?
A cute, innocent one!
A funny one!
A grumpy one!
A relatable one!
What kind of antagonist is your favorite?
A comedic one!
A cruel one!
A singing one!
A complicated one!
Do you prefer movies to be happy, darker, or in between?
Dark and depressing please
Something in the middle
My heart can't take anymore sadness
Do you like your movies being funny, serious or in between?
Everybody needs humor in their life
I’m watching this movie for a life lesson- not for laughter
A balance between both is good
Do you like vintage or newer movies?
You gotta love the classics
I like seeing what newer movies have to offer
Do you like childish or more adult-centered movies?
I’m a kid at heart
Kids movies just don’t do it for me anymore
Do you like live action or animated movies?
Animated pleaaaaaase
I prefer live action
What kind of movie location do you like the most?
I love historical settings :P
A winter wonderland!
Something more modern!
Somewhere fantastical!
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