Bounce Job Coach Communication Styles Quiz

I make important decisions based on:
gut level feelings
which way sounds the best
what looks best to me
precise review and study of the issues and facts
During an argument, I am most likely to be influenced by:
whether or not I am in touch with the other person’s true feelings
the other person’s tone of voice
whether or not I can see the other person’s point of view
the logic of the other person’s argument
I most easily communicate what is going on with me by:
the feelings I share
my tone of voice
the way I dress
the words I choose
It is easiest for me to:
select the most comfortable furniture
find the most ideal volume and tuning a stereo system
select rich, attractive colour combinations
select the most intellectually relevant point in an interesting subject
I find that:
I am very sensitive to other people and how they are feeling
I am attuned to the sounds in my environment
I have a strong response to colours and to the way a room looks
I am very adept at making sense of new facts and data
In order to know if someone is doing a good job, I need to:
do the job with them or experience some aspect of their job
hear them doing their work or telling me about what they did
see them do the job or see graphs, diagrams etc. that they have produced
have all the information, fact and figures on the work that’s been done
When buying clothes, I mostly consider:
that they feel comfortable
what people tell me about them e.g. colleague, friend
that I look great in them
that they are a good investment or bargain
I find that in a learning situation, I take in most of the information when:
I am able to do an activity of exercise
I am able to listen to a person speak (such as a presenter talking)
I am able to see the information being referred to (such as a PowerPoint presentation or information presented in pictures and diagrams)
I am able to have information presented in facts and figures so I can make sense of it
I am best at:
Doing things in a creative way
Following the steps that people are telling me
Copying things and putting in detail
Processing data e.g. Facts and figures
If I am being praised, I prefer:
A physical reward e.g. a bonus or a day off
To be told
A reward that I (and others) can see e.g. Certificates
Data or figures backing up the reason for the praise
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