Ages 12-14 Quiz

When someone continually makes fun of you over social media sites, texting, or online chatting, it is called?
When someone says things just to make someone angry or get a certain reaction out of them, they are?
Which of the following are forms of Cyberbullying?
All of the above
If an email comes from an address or name you don’t know, you should?
Open the email
Forward it to a friend
Delete the email
All of the above
What should you do If someone you’re chatting with, either online or through texts, tries to pressure you into sending them something you’re not comfortable sending?
Save any texts or take a screenshot of your chat to save as evidence.
Show your parent, teacher, or guardian.
If it happened over a chat room or on a social site, report the person.
Use the B4U Click Reporting Button to report the person to police.
All of the above
If you have to sign up to use a game online, you should?
Give your address
Give your phone number
Not use your real name
Give your school name
Your social media accounts should always?
Have your best photos
Be easily accessed by the public
Be set to private
Show your address and phone number
Not everyone online is who they say they are.
When someone forces you to do things with your body that you do not like, touches your private parts of your body, makes you watch adult videos, or pressures you into doing something sexual in real life or online, it is?
Sexual Abuse
If someone is sexually abusing you, what should you do?
Tell your Teacher
Tell a parent or guardian
Tell the Police
Make a B4UClick Report
All of the Above
Once you share a photo or message with somebody through text or online, you can?
It can be easily deleted
It can't be changed by anyone
You have no control over it
It's only seen by people you want to see it
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