NEO - Safety

Participants Name:
What is Cascade Engineering's Policy Statement?
Continously Improving Over Time
Exceeding Expectations
Cultivating a People, Planet, Profit Culture
None of These
Which of the following am I responsible for?
Putting Safety First
Keeping My Area Clean and Orderly
Reporting All Incidents Including Near Misses
All of These
If I am feeling ill, I should call HR and not come to work.
Which of these is inappropriate attire to wear to work?
Sandals & Short Shorts
Tennis Shoes & T-Shirt
Any of These
None of These
Lockout means I should never go...
Under a machine
In a machine
In a fenced in area or cage
Under a platform
All of these
Zero Tolerance Policy Falls Under the ___________ Policy.
Work Place Violence
Which of the following is not a way to prevent aches and pains on the job?
Correct Awkward Body Movements
Ask for the proper tools
Job Rotation
Adjustable Equipment
Do Nothing and Hope it Gets Better
EMS Stands for ...
Environmental Management System
Emergency Management System
Emergency Medical Services
Email Management System
Where would you recycle your paper plate with left over food?
Compost Bin
Paper Bin
Plastic Bin
Trash Bin
Have you personally reviewed the Safety Presentation?
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