Which of the following best describes your current fitness goals?
I’ve bulked, got the mass I’ve wanted, now it’s time to lean it out.
I’ve gotten some more consistency in my routine, it’s time to see what I can get out of the gym.
Bring on the size…it’s bulking season baby!
How much cardio do you complete while at the gym?
25 excruciating and exhausting minutes of HIIT or at least 40 minutes of steady state
About 30 minutes of steady state – enough for cardiovascular health
I walk from the parking lot to the free weights – that’s cardio, right?
My current diet is most like:
Strict, I count, I measure and I’m at a deficit. Borderline hangry.
Enough to be healthy and have energy without gaining weight – cheat meal here and there.
Feeding the muscles, you have to eat to grow.
What is your daily carbohydrate intake?
Low, none or cycled. Never in excess.
Balanced in my plate in proportion to veggies and protein
They’re everywhere…
How much energy do you have to work out?
It can be a struggle some days…my energy hasn’t been the greatest.
Most of the time I’m good, but there are some days where I need an extra push.
I’m feeling good! Eating and sleeping plenty.
Do you ever miss meals from having a busy schedule?
Frequently, but that’s ok. Less calories means more fat burning
Occasionally and I have to scrounge the vending machines at work or find fast food.
Never. I always have meals on hand and keep my schedule.
What is your lifting intensity during your work out?
Enough to get a pump, more in the 65% of my max range.
I’ve been working on that…
I go hard. I lift as heavy as possible in every day that ends in ‘Y’.
Does it ever get hard to focus at school, work or during normal daily activities?
I’ve been a bit brainless and clueless…
Is this a trick question? No.
Not at all…I’m even more intense when I’m walking into the weight room.
How often do you find yourself hungry throughout the day?
I’m in a perpetual state of hunger.
If I’m hungry, I eat.
I’m stuffing the food down, there’s never a point when I get hungry.
My knowledge of supplements is best described as:
Pretty good…I know my basics like BCAAs and whey protein.
Not too great, I’m just starting to use them.
Been using them for a while, but not too sure which to pair for the gains I want.
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