Digital Hygiene Quiz

Is digital hygiene important?
Nah fren
It depends
What are 3 different areas that are crucial in digital hygiene?
Physical security, mental, and email
Mobile security, browser, and email
Weapons security, browser
What is SIM Swapping?
Swapping characters in the Sims
Getting a new SIM card
When an attacker ports your number to a phone(SIM card) in their possession
None of the above
What are some ways to protect yourself against SIM swapping?
Don't tell people where you're going
Avoid SMS as a second factor
Choose security keys as a second factor
Both B and C
What are the possible effects of getting SIM Swapped?
An attacker can lock you out of your own account
An attacker can add their own devices to your 2FA
You can get your bank account, and crypto drained
All of the above
What are the two kind of pins you can setup on your phone to protect yourself against SIM Swapping?
Setup a pin on your lockscreen
Setup a pin locally on your phone. This is called a SIM PIN
Setup a pin/passcode with your mobile carrier
You don't need two pins, you only need one
How can you improve your email security?
A. Enable 2FA
B. Use a unique email account for important transactions
C. Give up
Both A and B
What is the single most important thing you can do for account security?
Use a strong unique password
Use the same password so you remember it
Have the strongest form of 2FA (two-factor authentication)
How do browser trackers work?
They listen to you
They track your last page visited only
A script on websites designed to derive data points from you as a user
None of the above
Why are mobile permissions important?
They're not
They can control what apps have access and what doesn't
They are only important in certain OSes
How can you view trackers and scripts on a webpage?
Right-click > Inspect
You have to contact the developer
Download the page
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