Which High Holiday is which?

Rosh Hashanah, the first of the High Holiday period, is how long?
One day
Two days
A week
A month
What are Jews marking on Rosh Hashanah?
The beginning of the new year on the Jewish calendar, and the time when God opens the Book of Life for judgment.
The birth of biblical patriarch Jacob, who would later be renamed Israel
The day Noah built the ark
Fall harvests
Which of the following are often part of a Rosh Hashanah observance? (check all that apply)
Jumping over a fire to mark the entrance of the new year
Eating apples and honey
Going to synagogue
Hearing the shofar, a trumpet made of a ram's horn
Eating a seder of different fruits and vegetables representing hopes for the new year
Saying the shehecheyanu prayer, which is said over new things
Tashlich, a ritual in which observers cast off their sins into a body of water, often literally throwing pebbles or bits of bread into the water
Weaving a blanket for the coming winter
How long is Yom Kippur?
One full lunar cycle
A fortnight
Sundown to sundown, 25 hours
Morning to evening, about 12 hours
What is Yom Kippur about?
It's a day of collective mourning for the Holocaust
It marks God's fury at humanity when flooding the world during the story of Noah
It marks the day the Jews entered Israel after wandering through the desert for 40 years
It's a yearly day of atonement, in which Jews believe God inscribes souls into the Book of Life for the year
Which of the following are part of Yom Kippur traditions for many communities? (check all that apply)
Abstaining from bathing, sex, water and food, for those who are adult and healthy enough to do so, for 25 hours
Waving chickens over your head before slaughtering them to atone for sins on the evening before the holiday begins, in a tradition known as kaparot
Taking a very hot shower to scald the sins off your body
Wearing all white and avoiding leather shoes
Climbing a tree to get closer to God
Spending the day in synagogue ritually confessing and atoning for sins
Thumping yourself in the chest repeatedly while reciting sins
Cutting your hair
On to Sukkot: How long is this holiday?
One month
One week in Israel, eight days in the diaspora
10 days
One day
Why do Jews celebrate Sukkot? (check all that apply)
It's part of a plea to God for a gentle winter
It's a religious celebration of nature
It's biblically commanded as part of harvest observances, and to recall the Jews wandering through the desert for 40 years
To remember the Garden of Eden
What are the traditional requirements for Sukkot observance? (check all that apply)
Cleaning your entire house
Eating and sleeping outdoors in a little hut exposed to the elements
Building a little hut with a roof made of plant material known as schach
Waving a bundle of four plants known as the "four species"
Getting drunk
Wearing bright colored clothing made of natural fibers
According to the Talmud, what items make up the Four Species that are waved daily during Sukkot? (check all that apply)
Etrog (ridged citrus fruit)
Lulav (date palm frond)
Melach (chunk of salt crystal)
Dvash (honey)
Hadass (myrtle bough)
Tzemer (skein of wool)
Rimon (pomegranate)
Aravah (willow branch)
The holiday cycle ends with Simchat Torah. What is being celebrated? (check all that apply)
The end of all of the holidays
A new cycle of Torah reading
The beginning of winter
The day King David was crowned
What activities often happen on Simchat Torah? (check all that apply)
The Torah scroll is rerolled back to the start
Married Orthodox women uncover their hair for one night
The Torah scroll is carried around the synagogue seven times, often including singing and dancing, and often spilling into the streets
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