Statistical Smarts: ASA Edition

How many section and interest groups does the ASA have?
More than 40
Who was the first president of the ASA?
Carl Roberts
Richard Fletcher
George Kittle
Edmund Day
What city has NEVER held a JSM?
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Nashville, TN
New York City, NY
Who was the first woman to be inducted as a fellow into the Royal Society of Statistics and was given an honorary membership to the American Statistical Association due to her contributions to the field?
Dame Evelyn Dunbar
Emmy Noether
Dorothy Vaughn
Florence Nightingale
Which chief statistician of the United States also served as ASA president?
Herman Habermann
Katherine Wallman
Stuart Rice
Joseph Duncan
What is the name of the ASA campaign that increases awareness of the importance, integrity, and trustworthiness of the federal statistical agencies?
This is Statistics
Count on Stats
Support Federal Stats
In what year did the ASA establish its first student chapter?
Which of the following are ASA programs that donations help fund?
ASA DataFest
K-12 Statistical Ambassador
ASA Leadership Institute
ASA Student and Early Career Travel Fund
ASA Science Policy Fellow
All of the above
The ASA annually awards a scholarship to encourage women to become statisticians. What former ASA president is it named for?
Sallie Keller
Gertrude Cox
Helen Walker
Janet Norwood
Which of the following is NOT an award given by the ASA?
Waller Award
Bob Riffenburgh Award
Links Lecture Award
David Cox Award
John Tukey Award
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