Test Your Knowledge of the 1911 Revolution - Take This Quiz Now!

Who was the leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party during the 1911 Revolution?
Sun Yat-sen
Chiang Kai-shek
Li Hongzhang
Yuan Shikai
What date did the Wuchang Uprising take place?
10 October 1911
8 October 1910
12 November 1912
6 December 1911
Who wrote the famous revolutionary song ‘The Internationale’?
Pierre Degeyter
Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Vladimir Lenin
When was the Republic of China officially founded?
1 January 1912
28 October 1911
24 June 1912
3 March 1913
Which city served as the capital of the new Republic of China?
How many provinces declared their independence from the Qing dynasty during the revolution?
Who assassinated Yang Rui, one of the revolutionaries in the Xinhai Revolution?
Chen Qimei
Zhang Binglin
Huang Xing
Li Yuanhong
What is the name of the document that declared the establishment of a provisional government?
The Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China
The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of China
The People's Charter of the Republic of China
The Basic Law of the Republic of China
Who was the first president of the Republic of China?
Sun Yat-sen
Yuan Shikai
Li Yuanhong
Chiang Kai-shek
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