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Remote working and remote meetings look set to continue to be a defining feature of the future of work.
At their best, remote meetings can be a wonderfully cost-effective, convenient, flexible and time-saving mode of communication.
But at their worst they can be frustratingly impersonal, confusing and ineffective.
Even after 50,000 years, face-to-face communication is still a work in progress.
Communicating remotely on platforms like Zoom requires a new way of doing things.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

Here is a video about the importance of BODY LANGUAGE:
1) According to Professor Albert Mehrabian (UCLA), only 7% of what we communicate consists of the words themselves; 38% is 'tone of voice' (how we say the words) and 55% is body language.
2) We make eye contact for about 30% of the time when we’re speaking and 70% when we’re listening.

3) We have 43 muscles in our face and these can be used to convey 21 different expressions.
This is the end of the free version. The full version of the training contains:
  1. Body Language
  2. Screen Share
  3. Keeping it Simple
  4. Lagging
  5. Slow Down
  6. Managing the Meeting
  7. Horses for Courses
  8. Summary
  9. Tips and Tricks
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