What's my skin type?

Before we begin, what's your name?
What's your age range?
Prefer not to say
Is your skin sensitive?
On an average day, how does your skin feel?
Dry and tight
Not too oily but not too dry
Oily in certain spots
Oily all over
In photos, your face appears shiny:
Frequently, but only in certain areas of my face
Not that I've ever noticed
Two to three hours after applying foundation with no powder, your makeup appears:
I don't wear makeup
Shiny around my nose or forehead
Flaky or caked in wrinkles
Streaked and shiny
In the afternoon your skin needs:
A refreshing spritz of facial spray
Blotting paper or powder on the nose, forehead and/or chin
All the moisturiser in the world
Blotting paper or powder all over
When you wake up in the morning, your skin feels ________
Slick and shiny
Rough and bumpy
Just fine, nothing out of the ordinary
Tight and uncomfortable
What do you value most in your skincare products?
Affordable price point
Vegan beauty
Quick results
Australian made
How much time do you set aside to take care of your skin before bed?
Less than a minute - to wash and dry my face
A few minutes - to thoroughly wash my face, dab on a spot treatment or eye cream and moisturise
Five minutes or so - I typically wash my face, occasionally exfoliate or wear a mask, apply a serum and moisturise
Seven to ten minutes (or more) - I like to have a more involved routine at night to treat and care for my skin
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