Medical Assistant

This is the medical branch that focuses on diseases of the nervous system.
Internal Medicine
Also known as ENT, this is the medical field specializing in diagnosis and treatment of disorders regarding the ear, nose and throat, head, and neck.
A branch of internal medicine, pathlogy, clinical laboratory work, physiology, and pediatrics. This medical field focuses on the study of blood, blood forming organs and blood diseases.
This is the field of medicine that focuses on treatment and diagnoses of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract).
_____________is the study of hypersensitivity and allergies (abnormal reactions to substances).
The medical term for a fallen bladder is ______________
Which is true about cystitis and urethritis?
The medical term for uterus infection
Commonly caused by viruses
Bacteria travels from the urethra very fast and causes inflammation of the urethra
Bacteria travels from the urethra very slow and causes inflammation of the urethra
Which is not a kind of incontinence?
Which is correct about Urinary retention?
It is a condition where a person is unable to defecate
It is acute and not chronic
Causes can include bladder stones, surgery, medications, multiple sclerosis
Acute urinary retention doesnot require catheterization
When kidney fails or cannot work efficiently, which is needed? (MARK all that apply)
Kidney transplant
Kidney disease is the result of damage to the ____________
Outer surface of the kidneys
Kidney infection: medical term is ______________
Which is not correct about Diuretics?
Also called water pills
They increase the volume of ECF (extracellular fluid)
Are used to treat a variety of conditions including heart failure, hypertension, liver cirrhosis, and certain kidney diseases.
Acetazolamide is a kind of diuretics
Which is a term for an increase in sodium level above normal?
ANH (Atrial Natriuretic Hormone): correct is
Released by the ventricles
Released by the atria
Released by nephrons
Released by pitutary gland
The third step in the formation of urine is ______________.
Secretion is, in essence, the reverse process of ___________
Which are the three main substances that are reabsorbed into the blood stream?
Water, CO2 and O2
Water, glucose and Sodium ions
Water, glucose and potassium ions
Glucose, Water and Urea
The process of water leaving the body by glomerular filtration and returning to the blood stream from Proximal Convoluted Tubule or PCT is called_____________________.
Active reabsorption
Passive reabsorption
Kidneys assist the endocrine system when releasing hormones. Kidneys release _____________that leads to the secretion of aldosterone.
______________is regulated by the kidneys as they have direct control over how many ions and how much water is excreted.
Plasma osmolarity
Acid base balance
Calcium balance
Glucose balance
Which is correct about Distal covoluted tubule (DCT)
Not part of nephrons
Part of nephrons
Located between PCT and Loop of Henle
It's part of the collecting Duct
Which is correct about PCT (Proximal Convoluted Tubule)?
It's part of the duct system of nephrons
It extends from the Bowman's capsule to loop of Henle
A very distinct charatcteristic of this tube is the brush border (microvilli-covered surface)
Some medications are dangerous or _____________and require a prescription in order for a patient to obtain them.
Metabolize faster
Slow absorption
Slow distribution
_____________addresses the rules and statutes that define wrong doings against the community as a whole.
Criminal Law
Crimes can be classified as ____________and ____________
Criminal and civil
Defendant and Plaintiff
Subpoena and Deposition
Misdemeanors and felonies
Which of the following represents a misdemeanor?
A - reckless driving
B - discharging a firearm in city limits
C - murder
A and B
Which of the following includes a felony?
A - reckless driving
B - discharging a firearm in city
C - murder
A and B
Which is the definition of an assault?
An intentional touching or the use of force in a harmful manner
An instance in which someone threatens to cause harm to an individual
Individual that files a law suite to initiate a legal action
is the person that is being sued or appear in court to give evidence.
Subpoena is ____________________________
A formal statement in which the individual who is being deposed promise to tell the truth.
A written order that commands someone to appear in court to give evidence
The person that is being sued or accused of a crime in a court to give evidence
An intentional touching or the use of force in a harmful manner, without the induvudual's consent
A person assigned to make health care decisions for the patient if they are incapacitated is called ______________
Health care Proxy
Medical Directives
Medical Director
Lawful Attorney
Which of the following is not included as a type of Medical Directives?
Living will
Durable Power of Attorney
Hippocratic Oath
A medical document that specifies which treatments will be allowed during end-of life care is called __________
Living will
Organ and tissue donation
Which is not correct concerning MOLST?
provider must sign off on the MOLST orders
The ordes on MOLST cannot move as patients change facilities
The MOLST form is bright pink for easy identificaiton
These orders move with the patient if the patient changes facilities
Which of the following is not correct and not included in Medical Directives?
It consists of a set of requests that patients put in writing for their provider, family, and other health care professionals to c arry out surrounding end-of-life medical treatment.
The Nurse must obtain, review, and comply with the directives
The Provider must obtain, review, and comply with the directive
A medical directive will indicate what medical treatment patients wish to have if they are dying or permanently unconscious and identifies an agent for the patients.
Which is not correct about the Medical Directives?
Patients often find it hard to accept the invitation to discuss these options
In the ambulatory setting, the Medical Doctor is the first health care worker to ask the patient about these forms
Patients might feel like the heath care community is giving up on them
Patients might feel as if the health care community are giving up on themselves
Which is not correct on legal requirements regarding reportable violations of incidents?
Any one can file a privacy complaint to the office of OCR
Any one can file a privacy complaint to the office of HIPAA
The complaint must be filed within 180 days of when the known privacy violation occurred
OCR will only investigate covered entities
Which of the following is correct about a breach of privacy?
There might be an occasion in which a medical assistant witnesses a breach of privacy.
A breach is an infarction or violation of a law.
A breach of unsecured PHI muct be reported unless there is low probability that the health information has been compromised based on some risk assessment factors.
Which is not correct about Medical record storage and retention laws?
The medical record contains documented medical information that may be used for many different reasons
Accurate documentation in health care is not critical.
The record is used to manage health care and acts as a legal document.
The record must be stored and retained in compliance with state laws that will differ for each state.
Which is not true about laws that affect medical records?
HIPAA gives patients rights over their health care information.
HITECH Act of 2009 was created to improve healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency for information technology and EHRs.
The HITECH Act doesnot provide barrier to information exchange
HIPAA requires providers to explain patient rights.
Which is correct about patient Privacy and Confidentiality on using a fax machine?
Never leave confidential patient information on a fax machine
Always use a cover page
Verifiy the correct fax number
Which form of consent deals with a clear and voluntary indication of preference or choice, usually oral or written, and freely given in circumstances where the available options and their consequences have been made clear?
Consent for minor
Which is performance of a lawful action in an illegal or improper manner?
Which is not one of the 4 D's to proof of negligence for the plaintiff?
A duty existed.
There was dereliction of duty.
The misconduct of the defendant was the direct cause of the injury.
Damages (usualy substantial) occured is not a result of the misconduct.
Which are the two Latin terms used to describe certain aspect of negligence?
Tort and intentional laws
Res ipsa loquitur and respondeat Superior
Slander and Defamation of character
Libel and Slander
Finding an instrument inside the patient following a surgical procedure or a patient sustaining burns while lying on a heating blanket is an example of ______________
Res ipsa loquitur
Respondeat Superior
Defamation of character
A physician or other type of healthcare provider could be liable for the negligent actions of an employee. Let's say a doctor has a private practice, with several employees. One of his/her medical assistants gives the wrong medication to a patient. As a result, the patient becomes sick and requires hospitalization. It's possible the doctor will be liable for the actions of the medical assistant. This is an example of ________________.
Res ipsa loquitur
Defamation of character
Respondeat Superior
Which doctrine came from the common law "master-servant rule."
Res ipsa loquitur
Respondeat Superior
Defamation of character
Which is a term used to visualize the joints?
____________is the degree of care or competence that one is expected to excercise in a particular circumstance or role.
Tort law
Standard of Care
State laws that affect medical practices
Which is not correct about the laws that affect medical practices?
Some states have a clearly defined scope of practice for medical assistants
Some states require a medical assistant to be certified or registered to administer medications.
General procedures that fal in the recognized scope of practice for a medicalassistant includes scheduling patitets for procedures andtreatments within the medical office or outside specilty clinic
General procedures that fal in the recognized scope of practice for a medical assistant doesnot include greeting patients and assisting them with registration processes
General procedures that fall in the registered scope of practice for a medical assistant cannot include:
Preparing patients for provider exams by positioning and educating them regading the procedure
Preparing examinatIon rooms and necessary equipment and supplies
Obtaining and documenting vital signs
Obtaing and documenting patient history using lay terminiology
Which of the following is not a federal law that affects medical practices?
All affect
A fedearal law that was put in place to reform the healthcare system by providing more Americans with affordable, quality health insurance to ultimately curb the growth in health care spending in the US is ____________________
ACA - Affordable Care Act
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
TJC - The Joint Commision
ADA - American Disability Act
Which stands for HMO?
Health Maintenance Organization
Human Maintenance Organization
Health Managment Organization
Preferred Physician Organization
In civil law, which element of a contractor agreement hasnot the correct definition to provide services in exchange for a fee
Mutual assent - An agreement by al parties to contract; must prove there was an offer and acceptance
Consideration - A benefit of some type for not entering into the contract, such as financial reimburesment
Capacity - Partiets must be legallly able to contract (legal age and sound mind)
Leagality - Subject matter must be legal
___________________is the body of law in the form of decisions, rules, regulations, and orders created by administrative agencies under the direction of the executive branch of the governmeet used to carry out the duties of such agencies.
Civil law
Adminstrative law
Mutual consent
_______________adresses the rules and statutes that define wrong doings against the community as a whole.
Adminstrative law
Civil law
Criminal law
Which is not correct about effective communication and great customer service as vital in providing quality healht care?
The MA donot need to know that every member of the facility plays an important role in communication to ensure customer satifaction.
The MA is often responsible for clarifying and relaying communication between patients adn providers
To accomplish this task the MA must be effective at interpreting verbal and nonverbal communication, , handling difficult customer service occurences, and communicating on the telephone with patients, caregivers, providers, and third-party payers
MA facilitate and promote team work and team engagement.
Indirectly faced, hunched stance, covering neck (protective) crossed arms (defensive) is a sign of ______________________convesations
Active listening
A defense mechanism displayed when an individual uses a socially accepted and constructive substitue for an unacceptable action related to an impulse is _____________________
Which is not correct on completing an incident or unusual occurrence report form?
Only staff involved in the incident should complete the form
Make sure all of the text is legible when using hand writing or electronic documentation.
Donot leave any sections blank
Only include factual information on the report, such as subjective symptoms.
Which is a medical term used for surgical fixation of an undescended testis or Cryptorchidism?
Susan presented with big eyes called exophthalmous, tachycardia and tremor. Which medical condition presents with this manifestaion?n?
Growth hormone deficinecy
Dr. Zimmer wants to have his patient Susa to have an imaging procedure that visualizes the uterus and fallopian tubes. This procedure is termed as__________________
A patient is told he has a disease, refuses to believe the diagnosis, and demands a second opinion. It can be considered healthy in early stages, but eventually the patient will learn to recognize the news as reality and then begin to cope and deal with it appropriately. This kind of defence mechanism is called_______________.
Proejction and displacement
Which of the following doesnot help when encountering with a patient who is upset?
Regardless of the reason for the patient's anger, remain professional and assist th patient as well as possible to ensure the patient receives a satisfying expereince
Remain calm
By using active listening skills, you, as a medical assistant, can gain a sense of why the patient is upset and hopefully be able to provide a solution
Even if a solution is, always, readily availabe, use therapeutic communication techniques to let patients know they are being heard and their concerns are being adressed.
Which is not correct on handling challenging customer service occurences?
It is not inevitable that problems will occur, and patients will rightly voice their concerns when warranted.
Conflict can often lead to valuable colutions to complex problems.
Cause and effect analysis can help in resolving the conflicts
Allowing patients to communicate how they feel, listening to their viewpoints, and providing an appropriate solution alleviates some stress in the clinical setting
Which is an appropriate action toward correcting a problem?
Schedule can be altered to allow moretime for each patient encounter with a provider
An automated phone system can be incorporated to expedite and filter calls for faster service
View patients as customers and customer satisfaction is an important component in maintaing an efficient patient - centered practice.
A blood vessel in the brain may burst causing internal bleeding. Or, a clot may arise in a brain blood vessel (a thrombus), or arise elsewhere (embolus) and travel to get stuck in a brain vessel which then deprives brain tissue of oxygen. Depending upon the area of the brain involved, the patient may suffer paralysis, loss of speech or loss of vision. This condition is ___________________
Multiple Sclerosis
A short period of insufficient blood supply to the brain can have the same signs and symptoms as a stroke such as weakness in an arm, a partial loss of vision, but the problem lasts less than 24 hours. People who get ___________ are at increased risk of having a stroke in the future.
Multiple Sclerosis
Which is correct about E-mail communication with patients?
It's expensive
It's efficient
It's used only externally to convey information
It is difficult to archive for reference
Which is correct about preparing faxes?
A. Fax machines are no more used in health care industry
B. Fax machines allow documents to be securely transmitted with end-to-end encryption
C. Always use a cover sheet that discloses that confidential information is attached
B and C
Gonzalez is writing a business letter. She knows a business letter is written with the intention of getting the reader to respond. Which of the following is not an element of the buisness letter not to be included in her letter________________________.
The letter head and dateline (month fully spelled out, day, and year)
The recipient's address and situation
The content and information to be communicated
The part called footing, the complimentary closing and signature
Sharing information within an organization for business purposes is considered internal communication. Which of the following is not included in such form of communication?
Face-to-face conversations
Telephone calls, Closed-circuit TV
Interoffice mail, paing and faxing
All are
Which of the following is not correct about written and electronic communications made in an office?
Written communication involves any interaction that uses the written word
Written communication internally for health care organizations includes memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions but not employee manuals and emails
One advantage of electronic business correspondence is that messages donot have to be delivered on the spur of themomen; instead, they can be edited and revised several times before they are sent to ensure the message is clearly communicated.
It provides a permanent record of messages that have been sent and can be saved for future reference
Which is correct about calls from patients and caregivers?
Medical Assistants handle calls from patients and caregivers only in rare occasions
Good telephone skills cannot maximize patient health and safety, particularly for patients who have chronic and other serious conditions
When discussing health matters over the phone, verify that the person speaking is either the patient or has been given proper authority to discuss patient information via the phone.
When giving instructions, you donot need to ask the person to repeat back the inforamtion to ensure understanding
Which is correct about modifying communication for diverse audiences?
Every one has experiences and values that shape the way they see the world
Be conscious of different view points and your own personal biases, and take care to examine your words and actions to avoid miscommunication
Avoid figurative language, nonverbal communication is critical, and keep the conversation straighforward and brief
Which is correct about positive reinforcement?
It is the process whereby desirable behaviour is encouraged by presenting reward at the time of such behaviour
It can produce new behaviours and open communication.
Being positively motivated aids the growth, success, and overall well-being of a person
Which is not correct about patient satisfaction surveys?
It doesnot produce data about patient's perspectives of care
Survey results are used to creaste new incentives for health care facilities, improve the quality of care, enhance accountablilty by increasing transparency, or alter office policies and procedures to adress patient needs.
The questions often relate to responsiveness of staff, cleanliness of the environment, presence of effective communciation, and overall satisfaction with services provided
All are correct
Which is not one of the importance of superior customer service?
Consistently offering superior customer service makes patients feel they are valued and that the health care staff cares about developing a long-term caregiver-patient relationship
Focusing on superior customer service doesnot benefit a health care organization in a number of ways.
Established patients who are satisfied with their care often share their experiences with others
This repeat business and informal recruiting of new patients allows for business growth
Effective ways to engage with patients and their family doesnot include which of the following?
Include the patient in the process
Practice active listening
Commuincate effectively
All included
Which is not correct in facilitating and promoting teamwork and team engagement?
Team work is an essential component in an effective health care environment
Diversity, communication, leadership, and team building excercises promote teamwork
Communication among team members should be secret and confidetial
All are correct
Which is not correct about having boundaries of a Medical Assistant?
Boundaries are not necessary so it doesnot keep the patient the priority and focus of attention
Discussing personal life with a patient is inappropriate and alters the role of the medical assistant from a caregiver to a person in need of care
Avoid sharing personal stories or experiences with patients, even if they seem relevant to the situation
All are correct
Which is correct definition for Personal communicator?
prefers to work with real numbers, facts, and data, and places very little sometimes can result in more questions than answers if too broad of an approach is used
Prefers to look at the big picture. While this can be an efficient style, it sometimes can result in more questions than answers if too broad of an approach is used
Prefers an organized approach to work with time lines and detailed plans. Uses a step-by-step method to solve problems and communicate information. This can be an effective style of communication if the patient does not become overwhelmed with too many details
Uses emotional language and connections. Cares about what people think and feel in response to the information given. Often good listeners and have the ability to resolve conflict fairly easily.
Communication Which is a correct immediate response for "Before she is discharged, can you make Ms. Smith's caretakers know that with this new medication they need to check her cholesterol biweekly?"
Of course
Just to clarify, do you mean twice a week or every other week?
Every other week.
Thank you!
Which is important in clarifying and relaying communication between patients and providers?
Clear and accurate communication helps achieve patient compliance
The medical assistant often clarifies and relays communication between patients and providers
Ensuring the patient understands the provider's orders pertainng to prescriptions, medical care at home, and diet is a key role of the medical assistant
Which is not correct about Professionalism?
Displaying professionalism is the first step in providing a positive experience for a patient
Some components of professionalism are what the medical assistant is wearing and how they communicate with the patient
The way a medical assistant appears and acts is not a reflection of the provider and practice
Practice good hygiene, wear professional attire, and display a positive attitude at all times
Which is not correct about a communication cycle?
It consists of sequential steps involved in transferring a message and receiving feedback
This process starts with an idea or message by a sender and ends with response from the receiver
The reveiver develops the subject matter, wishes to communicate
Once the message is transmitted to the receiver, she begins to decode the sent message.
Which cannot be a learning objective to Communication and Customer Service for Medical Assistant?
Clarify and relay communications between patients and providers
Slowing teamwork and team engagement
Modify verbal and nonverbal communication for diverse audiences
Modify verbal and nonverbal communications with patients and caregivers based on special considerations
Which is not correct on the duties of a Medical Administrative Assistant?
Greet patients on arrival
Order supplies
Assist providers in procedures
Show grimace and laughter
Which is not an administrative or clinical supply?
Toner cartridge
Patient information sheets
All are
Which is not part of responsible behaviour in social media?
Social media and networking creates an innovative way for medical facilities to attract new patients
Medical assistants might have access to interact with others in virtual communities and social networks
Adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations when interacting on social media websites
Patient information is not that sensitive to be protected to the fullest extent
Which is not correct about EHR vs. EMR?
EMRs are digital charts to be used within a facility
EHRs include the EMR and other information to be used between facilites
EHRs can be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff from more than one health care organization
In both the EHR and EMR, information is arranged into the same areas within the system
Which is correct definition of Data entry and data fields?
A data field is a location where data is stored within a computer program
The term generally denotes an area in a database or a section in a form that needs to be completed, on paper or electronically
Data entry is the act of typing or writing the information into the field
Which is not correct about word processing and typing?
It is necessary to be familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, which are used in many medical offices
Medical assistants donot use word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, to create and modify documents
Features like Mail Merge are useful for developing a set of emails, letters, faxes, or printing labels and envelopes for correspondence and mass mailings
All are correct
Which is not correct about the computer knowledge you need to have as a Medical Assistant?
The medical assistant shouldnot be familiar with basic computer terms
Any website visited needs to comply with the organization's network security protocols and policies
The use of unauthorized websites and suspicious downloads can increase the chances of violations of patients' protected health care information (PHI)
A network is a group of two or more computer systems that are connected together
Which is not one of the ways to deliver excellent customer service and service recovery in the healthcare setup?
Telephone etiquet: Actively listen to the called, enunciate clearly, and speak in a friendly voice
Patients donot expect to receive superior customer service
Good communication is just as important as good care
When the medical assistant conveys their message to the patient, it's important to display sensitivity and use of language that the patient can understand
Which is not the reason why claims for reimbursement are being denied?
Technical Errors
Insurance policy issues
Missed preauthorization number
All can be the reasons
Which of the following can reduce claim issues with insurers and third-party payers?
Verify insurance prior to the patient being seen
Follow guidelines when reviewing claims prior to submission
Which step is not important in resoving billing issues with patients?
It should be handled in a prompt and courteus manner
If patient is calling about an error, hang up and donot place the patient on hold while the account is verified
If the Medical Assistant is unable to resolve the issue, obtain the patient's contact information so the appropriate staff can contact them once the issue has been investigated and the solution has been determined
All are importan steps
EFT as a billing terminology stands for (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
Emotional freedom technique
Electronic Funds Transfer
Equivalent Full Time
Elektronik Fund Transferi
Most Medical Offices accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash.
A medical assistant must provide a detailed explanation of fees, services, and charges, as well as convey a tactful and courteous explanation of the ____________
Medical Record
Patient's diagnosis
Patient's treatment plan
Payment plan
Which is a term used as a process required by some insurance carriers in which the provider obtains permission to perform specific procedures or services or refers patients to a specialist?
Which of the following is the form that is used to claim reimbursment?
CMS 1000
UB 04
CMS 1500
When obtaining or verifying an authorization, the Medical Assistant should include which of the following?
Authorization code
Date the authorization is effective
Authorized diagnosis and procedure codes
Which is not correct about precertification?
If a patient is admitted to hopsital, most insurance companies usually require it with 24 hours of the admission
It is a process required by some insurance carriers in which the provider must prove medical necessity before performing a procedure
Its a process required by some insurance carriers in which the provider obtains permission to perform specific procedures or services or refers patients to a specialist
All are correct
Which isnot correct about participating and Non participating providers?
If a provider is nonparticipating and the patient is seen, the claim will be denied or reimbursement will be reduced because the provider is not in-network with that insurance company
Participating providers with any insurance company agree to adjust the difference between the amount charged and the approved contracted amount the insurance company will reimburse
If the providers office is particiapting they agree to bill the patient for only the deductible, copay, coinsurance , or amounts due based on allowed fees set forth in the contract between the provider and insurance company
Patients donot need to contact a providrs office to inquire if teh office or provider are participating with theor insirance plan.
Which is the term used to describe the total balance on an account?
Account balance
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
_____________represent a record on an account as an addition to expenditure or asset accounts or a substracted amount from income.
_____________are an entry on an account represented as an addition to profits.
_______________are property of an individual or organization that is subject for debts owed.
______________is a term for an outstanding (debts)
Which is the correct Fundamental accounting equation?
Liabilities = Assets + Accounts payable
Assets = Liabilities + Equity
Assets = Debits + Credits
Assets = Credits - Liabilities + Debits
Which is not a kind of billing method?
Which are the days used to consider an account as aging?
30, 100, 200
30, 60, 90
20, 40, 80
Billing is generated once a month, it is usually sent before the __________of each month to reach the patient by the last day of the month.
A/n ______________is a document or form required by insurance companies that is used when a provider wants to send a patient to a specialist.
Chart review
_______________referrals usually take 3 - to 10 business days for evaluation and approval.
Urgent referrals generally take ___________for authorization.
3 - 10 business days
24 hours
Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
A - is sent to the Doctor after the claim has been processed
B - is sent to the patient after the claim has been processsed
C - contains service given, allowable amount to be adjusted off of the account
B and C
E/M stands for
Evaluation and Malignant
Everything and Management services
Elevation and Mangement services
Evaluation and Management Services
Which is correct on CMS billing requirements?
Information required for completion of the CMS-1500 Form requires several fields to be correctly completed for the claim to be accepted by insurance carriers
All new patients are asked to fill out a registration form detailing all demographic and insurance information
Verify the insurance information for eligibility and specifc requirements
Which is not part of a Medical coding systems?
CPT codes and modifiers
Dental codes
Which coding system allows more specific reporting of diseases and newly recognized conditions?
CPT codes and modifiers
_______________is a system comprised of medical classifications for procedural codes typically used within hospitals that record various health treatments and testing.
CPT codes and modifiers
__________________are used to document procedures and technical services based on services by providers in outpatient settings.
CPT codes and modifier
______________is a group of codes and descriptions that represent procedures, supplies, products, and services not covered by or included in CPT coding stystem.
Dental Codes
______________is a group of codes and descriptions that represent procedures, supplies, products, and services not covered by or included in CPT coding stystem.
CPT codes and modifier
RA - Remittance advice is:
a form a Medicare patient will sign when the provider thinks Medicare might not pay for a specific service or item
an an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to the provider from the insurance carrier
an an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to the patient from the insurance carrier
a group of policies
ABN - Advance Beneficiary Notice
a form a Medicare patient will sign when the provider thinks Medicare might not pay for a specific service or item
an an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to the provider from the insurance carrier
an an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to the patient from the insurance carrier
a group of policies
A federal insurance policy which covers military personnel and their dependents is:
Which information is not needed when verifying a patient's health insurance?
Patient's full name
Date of birth
ICD10 CM Code
Policy number
Which is correct on financial eligibility, sliding scales, and indigent programs?
Some medical practices occasionally provide medical care for individuals who are unable to pay for services.
In most cases, indigent programs are available through social services or community hospitals
Medical assistants, should be familiar with local agencies and organizations that can aid patients in times of need
Which is not correct on handling visitors other than patients?
It is a common office policy to have all visitors sign in and receive a visitor badge prior to entering teh back portion of the medical office
These types of visitors are usually only welcomed when the schedule permits, proper identification is provided, and the requested provider is willing to spend time with the representative
These types of visitors are welcomed anytime
_______________ia a specified sum of money based on the patient's insurance policy benefits due at the time of service
EOB - Explanation of benefits
________________is an amount a policyholder is financially responsible for according to their insurance policies provisions.
a specified sum of money based on the patient's insurance policy benefits due at the time of service
an amount a policy holder is financially responsible for according to their insurance policies provisions
are specific amounts of money a patient must pay out of pocket before the insurance carrier begins paying for services
Which is not correct about EOB?
provided to patients
provided to providers
details what services were paid, denied , or reduced in payment.
includes information pertaining to amounts applied to the dedcutible, coinsurance, or allowed amounts.
Remittance Advice (RA) not correct is:
It's an EOB sent to the provider from the patient
Similar to EOB contains multiple patients and providers
Included is EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) information or a check for payment.
All are correct
{"name":"Medical Assistant", "url":"","txt":"This is the medical branch that focuses on diseases of the nervous system., Also known as ENT, this is the medical field specializing in diagnosis and treatment of disorders regarding the ear, nose and throat, head, and neck., A branch of internal medicine, pathlogy, clinical laboratory work, physiology, and pediatrics. This medical field focuses on the study of blood, blood forming organs and blood diseases.","img":""}
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