What Is Your Selling Style?

  I prefer to work... 
Quickly and somewhat impulsively, listening to my instincts and gut reactions
With a positive and optimistic mindset, confidently focusing on how I can continue to beat out my competition
Non-impulsively, patiently and confidently waiting for the right moment to make the right decisions
At a somewhat moderate pace, making decisions that I know are tried and true
  When convincing others, I tend to... 
Display and discuss all of the options
Relate to them when it comes to interest and values
Provide lots of knowledge
Create a sense of urgency
  I tend to receive compliments from my customers about my... 
Product/service knowledge and deep awareness of what matters to my customers
Enthusiasm and vision
Availability and positive attitude
Professionalism, service excellence and expertise
  When it comes to the actual product/service I'm selling... 
Status and emotional appeal are the most important
Making it work within the customers' environment matters most
Quality is what it all comes down to
It's ideal when what I sell matches my hobbies or interests
  I'd say I'm more motivated by...  
Promotions and development opportunities
Security and territory protection
Social contact and having fun at work
The fast rewards that come with closing big deals
  I believe it's important to show my customers...  
That I am an expert in my field
That I can get things done inside my company on their behalf
That I am cutting edge
That I can quickly relate to them
  When I hear _________, my ears perk up.  
"We project double-digit growth in the next 3 years"
"You will have many professional development opportunities here"
"As long as you work hard, you'll have job security"
"You'll have a great customer service team partnering with you"
  Which sounds most like you?  
I show interest in my clients by being available and working with my clients' schedules
I like to use theatrical methods to build excitement
I tend to showcase my expertise when it comes to offering solutions
I strive to be the dependable, loyal seller who values the social component when satisfying my customers' needs
  Being promoted to management is...  
Very important to me and my professional growth
Very important because it shows I'm the best
Important, but it's not everything
Not hugely important to me
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