Let's Get Quizzical Week 4

Which of the following is NOT a turning manoeuvre term in sailing?
Hull trimming
Sail trimming
Which of these is the larger sail?
Port sail
Main sail
Minor sail
Starboard sail
What use is a JACKLINE?
A line set up on which a safety harness is clipped.
Light weighted line used in docking.
Line used to lift heavy loads
Line set up on a bowsprit to control headsails
In sailing, what is a spinnaker?
A type of rope
A type of knot
The left
A type of sail
The leeward side of the boat is?
Furthest from the wind
Nearest the wind
Straight into the wind
Has the wind behind it
When windsurfing what is the uphaul rope used for?
to attach the board to your roofrack
to pull the rig out of the water
to tie to your leg
to hang on to for dear life
What are kegs on a surfboard?
The back fins
The front fins
The fins
Most sails have three corners. Which of the following is not the name of one of the corners?
The lines which are used to control a sails direction in relation to the direction of the wind are called what?
A “grommet” is…
A washer that provides spacing in a standard winch
A tell tale that gets stuck to a sail and is of no use
A very small screw inside most standing rigging hardware
A metal ring set into a sail
A “block” in sailing means
Stealing another sailor’s wind
A wooden shim
A pulley
A fastener that secures running rigging to standing rigging
Which of these names is not the name of an anchor type?
What are the walls within the hull of a boat called
What is a line on a boat
length from bow to stern
measure ment of widest part of boat
direction of travel
Pinching means
How you wake your crew up
Bending a rope
Sailing too close to the wind
Stern too close to the wind
What is a traveller
person who moves across the boat when tacking
Person(s) on board sailing from port-to-port
Attachment to adjust tension on foot of sail
A system which allows the deck attachment for the mainsheet to move scross the deck
Who is a barrelman aboard a ship
Person looking after goods being transported
Sailor stationed in the crow's nest
Crewman in charge of apportioning daily grog ration
Fattest member of the crew (like a barrel)
What is a bottle screw used for
Adjusting tension in stays, shrouds and similar lines
Keeps the crews drinks secured on board
Large screw shaped like a bottle
Nautical term for corkscrew
What does the term beam mean onboard
Width of the boat at midship
Big Smile
Horizontal rigging
Vertical rigging
Which of the following does the term Bend, not mean
A knot used to join two ropes or lines
To attach a rope to an object
To move the tiller when tacking
Fastening a sail to a yard
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