(R) The Brand Identity Profile™: Celebrity Quiz

How would your audience describe you?
Cute, sweet, bubbly, fun loving, friendly, and people focused
Unorthodox, refreshing, abstract, creative, and inwardly focused
Unstoppable, put together, abundant, unapologetic, legacy focused, and charitable
How would your customers or clients describe you?
Direct & Powerful
Charismatic & a source of positivity
Imperfect, yet inspirational
What's the most frustrating social experience for you as an entrepreneur?
People without ambition who ask for my help and don't execute on my advice.
The people who want to have deeper relationships with me, but I don't have the time or energy for.
Not being able to connect with everyone in my audience as often as I'd like.
If your personal brand was a food, what food would it be?
Mousse - Rich and delicious.
Tacos - who doesn't love them?
Popcorn - somewhere between substantial and light.
If you had to add another stream of revenue tomorrow, where would you start?
I'd create a networking or other group to connect with buyers.
I'd introduce branded Merchandise to my audience.
I'd collaborate with someone I could make a high-end offer with.
Why are you in business?
To fund the lifestyle that allows me the freedom to creatively share my ideas.
To make the money to fund my legacy.
To connect with people and enjoy the fun they bring to my life.
How do you prefer to spend your free time?
In a cabin away from interruption while I create my ideas for the world.
Connecting with friends and family. Having fun and playing together.
Raising my vibration by surrounding myself with luxury.
If you died tomorrow, what would your biggest regret be.
I haven't created the art or content I believe can transform the world.
I haven't created a deep sense of connection with my community.
I haven't created the wealth and legacy that I am meant to leave behind.
What do you feel judged about?
My creativity and artistry makes it so people think I am aloof.
People seem to think that because I'm nice I'm not brilliant.
My desire to create wealth makes people think I'm greedy.
People don't understand...
That I am not greedy or vain just because I want to create wealth.
That I am intelligent and intellectual underneath my sweet exterior.
That just because I am open with my current struggles, doesn't mean I am airing my dirty laundry.
If you're speaking at an event, what sells the audience on you?
My unique ideas and systems create excitement and curiosity.
My fun personality makes people feel cared for and safe with me.
My signature programs and offers make them feel abundant.
If you had all the money you needed tomorrow, what would you do with it?
I would travel all the world to see all the people I love with no pressure agenda stopping me.
I would live an abundant life that puts me in the end space to run non-profits or charitable companies.
I would fund having the privacy and head space to create original content, books and the PR/Ads to make my ideas famous.
Why is it important for you to hire a team?
They help me stay in an abundant space so I can attract more wealth to the company.
They'll make it so I have time to connect with everyone and grow the company.
They'll free up my time so I can get more original ideas and content out into the world.
When you are struggling personally with mental health or mindset, what do you do?
In the right time or space, I will share pieces of my struggle to illustrate my authority in my industry.
A lot of the things others think I should be shamed to share, I find to be my most authentic content.
I prefer to be a source of positivity for my people so I generally only share my struggles with my inner closest friends and family.
What do you need most to be happy in your business?
Time to meet the amazing people I want to help.
Money to create luxury and the high vibe life I want.
Time to create and get my ideas out.
Which word would you use to describe yourself?
Why do you find yourself jealous of others in your industry?
I feel like I'm the loner who can't give up on my dream, but I don't have leaders in my industry that I fit in with either.
They have super original or high end brands that get them taken seriously.
I am extremely practical and strategic with what I do and it looks like others have more fun.
What were you like in high school?
I was a leader who knew how to get others to get things done.
I was friends with most people I met and was liked by most everyone.
I was an arts nerd that felt misunderstood and rejected.
Even if I didn't have the money, I would still...
Be able to make every person I meet knew they're cared for.
Figure out how to get my ideas and visions out into the world.
Find a way to build my legacy.
Whats the most effective way to create an impact in the world?
Money honey.
By being kind and present with the human that is in front of you.
By creating art and ideas that get people to change how they think.
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