What is my body type

My shoulders are
Wider than my hips
Narrower than my hips
The same width as my hips
Relaxed fit jeans
Are too long
Are too short
Fit perfect
My body tends too
Carry a bit of extra fat
Stay lean and muscular
Stay skinny
Compared to most people I look
Round and soft
Square and rugged
Long and narrow
Gain weight easily
Loose weight without too much touble
Have trouble gaining weight
If I put my hand around my wrist
My fingers do not touch
My fingers just touch
My fingers overlap
{"name":"What is my body type", "url":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/Q6G5ZL","txt":"My shoulders are, Relaxed fit jeans, My body tends too","img":"https://cdn.poll-maker.com/73308/body-shapes-elin-mai-personal-stylist.jpg?sz=1200-000000100053"}
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