Mental Golf Type Quiz

On the golf course, I am naturally more…
My mind works best on the course when I am…
Talking about shots out loud
Thinking through shots in my head
When I am playing my best, I would say that I am…
More engaged and expressive
More self absorbed in my game
Playing golf by myself is something…
I rarely do
I enjoy doing
I am more...
Socially proactive
Socially reactive
My playing partners would say I tend to be…
Expressive on the course
Reserved on the course
When I need to recharge my energy I would rather…
I go do something with friends outside of golf
I get away from golf and take downtime to myself
I like to be...
The center of attention
More low key
When I get paired up with new players I tend to…
Introduce myself right away
Wait for others to introduce themselves
When I think about success in golf...
I naturally recall positive moments from the past
I think about my future and the possibilities
When learning something new in my golf lessons, I prefer to...
Know the details and specifics to gain clarity
Understand the concept first and only the necessary details
I am a player who prefers to...
Master the things I already know
Discover new ways of using what I know
I like to...
Know the standard, most traditional way of doing things
Discover or create my own unique way of doing things
I am a player who likes to:
Stay grounded in the facts
Use my imagination
When I am struggling on the course, I tend to...
Worry about what will go wrong
Rehash my mistakes
When reviewing a good round, I tend to focus on...
Specific things that occurred on the course
Patterns and trends in my performance
The ideal golf improvement plan for me would likely follow...
A proven approach
An innovative approach
I tend to be more...
When I struggle on the course...
I worry too much about outcomes
I get bogged down in swing mechanics
I base my decisions on the golf course mostly on...
The pros and cons of the shot / situation
How confident I feel about the shot / situation
When going through a challenge in my game what I need is
Effective analysis of what I am doing wrong
Positive support and affirmation that I can do it
For it to be a great round of golf, I believe “______”
Having good stats is most important
Playing with confidence is most important
It is easiest for me to accept a poor shot when...
I look for objective feedback
I stay positive with myself
I prefer...
Fixing what is wrong
Building on what is working
In general, I tend to...
Debate ideas
Avoid confrontations
I tend to put...
Tasks first and people second
People first and tasks second
It is a higher compliment to be told...
I have great technique
I have a great attitude
Generally in life, I am more likely to _______ things.
In my lessons, I am known for being...
Direct and straight forward
Cooperative and polite
Having a defined practice schedule is...
What I prefer and is needed
Useful but hard to stick to it
I prefer my daily activities...
Are consistent each day
Change somewhat day to day
I prefer my rounds of golf to be...
Predictable and orderly
Filled with variety and excitement
”______" is important to me.
Having structure in my game
Having flexibility in my game
When I have a tee time...
I usually arrive early and do my typical warm up routine
I sometimes arrive later than planned or even just on time
When practicing...
I can focus on 1 drill for long periods of time until its completed
I work best in short bursts and enjoy jumping to different drills
I personally enjoy being more of a...
Scheduled person
Spontaneous person
I really enjoy...
Working my plan
Exploring my options
In my practice, I would rather...
Follow a structured and routined plan throughout the day
Work on what inspires me that day or needs improvement
Generally, I am someone who...
Plans things out in advance
Does things last minute
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