Which Earth Hero Are You?

1. Which hurts your heart more?
a. An ocean animal choking on plastic
b. A land animal chewing on styrofoam
c. Litter on the freeway
d. Plastic water bottles in trash instead of recycle bin
2. What irritates you the most?
a. Seeing trash in the recycle bin (instead of clean recyclables)
b. Seeing the trash in the ocean
c. Seeing someone throw litter on the sidewalk without a care
d. Seeing someone waste water excessively
3. One green habit you can start today is...
a. Pick up litter at the park
b. BYO reusable tableware at events
c. Going on an undercover mission to free endangered species from poachers
d. Conserving water
4. If your favorite restaurant served take out in styrofoam, you would...
a. Ask if they have styrofoam free packaging
b. Go somewhere else- its not worth the harm to humans, animals, and the planet.
c. Ask if you can BYO container
d. Share information about the harms of styrofoam
5. If you had a million dollars to donate, you would...
a. Reforestation
b. Research to invent a replacement for plastic
c. Donate it to the Green Masjid Initiative
d. Invest it in a green business
6. If you could eliminate one thing from existence, it would be...
a. Pollution
b. Poaching
c. Global warming
d. Styrofoam
7. What are you most grateful to have and would fight to protect and preserve?
a. Access to clean water
b. Access to clean air
c. Biodiversity-being part of a perfectly balanced ecosystem
d. Learning new things and using the knowledge to make a positive difference in the world.
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