Jewish News Quiz: Dec. 9, 2022

A Haredi news site in Israel was forced to apologize for what following a lawsuit?
Blurring the images of women in a photo
Refusing to interview a female member of the Knesset they attacked in a story
Publishing a false story alleging a bribery scheme in the outgoing Israeli government
Co-hosting a campaign event with Benjamin Netanyahu that prosecutors said violated Israeli media law
What does the city of Miami Beach allege against Rabbi Arie Wohl?
That his famously extravagant sukkah counts as an architectural feature, affecting his property tax bill
That after the zoning board denied his request to build an accessory dwelling unit for visitors to his congregation, he knowingly went ahead and built it anyways
That he used his home as a synagogue, a zoning violation
That he sprayed antisemitic graffiti on his home and then reported it to police as a hate crime
Why are artists boycotting Finland’s national gallery over an Israeli billionaire on its board?
He is a close personal friend of far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir
He made his fortune connecting the Finnish and Israeli arms industries
He made caustic criticisms of Finland's cooperation with Nazi Germany during World War II
He lives on a settlement in the occupied West Bank
Why has Rabbi Yosef Itzhak Wolff fled from Ukraine to Germany?
His apartment was destroyed by a Russian missile
All members of his congregation who are not enlisted in Ukraine's army have decided to seek refuge
He uses a kidney dialysis machine, making him vulnerable to the electricity outages Russia is causing
He is accused by some of collaborating with the Russian forces during the occupation of Kherson
What happened recently at the r/Kanye subreddit?
Its members decided to turn it into a Holocaust awareness subreddit
Its moderators closed it down
Its moderators pinned a post linking to the antisemitic video shared by Kyrie Irving
Its moderators announced that only posts about Kanye West's music would be allowed and started banning users who posted about his antisemitism
What message did J Street send to AIPAC this week?
That it pledges to match every dollar AIPAC donates to candidates during the 2024 primaries
That if AIPAC decides to cease its political donations during primaries, it will do the same
That its annual donations are on track to eclipse AIPAC's for the first time this year
That it intends to sue AIPAC for defamatory comments it claims AIPAC made about it in a fundraising email
A man indicted for a threat against Manhattan Jews and found in possession of a firearm was released by a judge under what condition?
That he post $150,000 bail
That he wear an ankle bracelet
That he remain confined to his home in Jersey City until his trial
All of the above
Which of the following is NOT true of the far-right plot to overthrow Germany’s government?
It was inspired by the QAnon conspiracy theory
Several officials in the Kremlin are believed to have endorsed the plot
It believes that Germany's postwar government is illegitimate
Its arrested ringleader is the descendant of German nobility
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