Driller Well Control Practice Quiz Level 3

The first sign of a kick while drilling is
Drilling Break
Gain in the pits
Flow rate increase
Pump pressure increase
What has most likely happened if after closing the pipe rams, open light stays on, close light does not illuminate and pressures stays the same?
There is a leak in the system
There is a blockage in the system
Light bulb is blown
3 position valve did not move
If the fluid level dropped 500 feet in a 10,000 ft well containing 10 ppg mud, what would the hydrostatic pressure be at the bottom of the well?
5200 psi
5460 psi
4940 psi
4700 psi
How many barrels of mud will be seen in the trip tank after we finish pumping 35 barrel slug weighing 14 ppg into the drill pipe that has 11 ppg mud? The drill pipe capacity is .01776 bbls/ft and .0076 bbls/ft displacement
3.85 barrels
44.54 barrels
9.54 barrels
None of the above
What happens to pit level when we are displacing cement with mud from active pits?
Pit level decreases
Pit level increases
Pit level stays the same
The frac gradient is .876 psi/ft. The casing shoe is set at 9500 feet TVD. The Maximum allowable mud weight is:
16.8 ppg
16.9 ppg
17.0 ppg
17.1 ppg
If the driller pulled 1000 feet of 9” drill collars out of the hole dry, how much mud would he have to add to the well from the trip tank? Drill Collar Capacity = .0077 bbl/ft. Metal displacement = .032 bbl/ft
7.7 barrels
32 barrels
39.7 barrels
50 barrels
Calculate the maximum allowable mud weight at the shoe with following data: Surface Leak off pressure = 2500 psi, Casing set at 9000 feet MD, and 8700 feet TVD, Test Mud Weight = 9.5 ppg
14.8 ppg
14.9 ppg
15.0 ppg
15.1 ppg
Which of the following is considered procedural barrer?
Monitoring pits for gains/losses
The Driller is pumping at 40 strokes per minute at 500 psi. What would the approximate pressure be at 60 strokes per minute?
222 psi
750 psi
1125 psi
1500 psi
Which BOP components are not controlled by manifold pressure
Pipe Rams
HCR valves
Blind/shear rams
Annular Preventers
A test where the pressure on the formation side of the barrier is greater than the pressure on the surface side of the barrier is called a
Positive Test
Leak off Test
Negative Test
If you take a kick in a horizontal well. (10,000 feet measured and 6,000 feet TVD) How would SIDPP and SICP be?
SICP would be higher than SIDPP
SICP and SIDPP would be the same
SICP would be lower than SIDPP
Calculate the slow circulating pressure on this land rig. The initial circulating pressure is determined by bringing the pump rate to a pre-determined 50 spm by holding casing pressure constant. The shut in drill pipe pressure is 400 psi. At 50 spm, the ICP is 1500 psi
450 psi
850 psi
1000 psi
1100 psi
Calculate kill mud weight with the following information. SIDPP = 500 psi, SICP = 1250 psi, Pit Gain is 40 barrels, Strokes to Bit = 1500 stks, Mud weight is 10 ppg, 10,000 TVD, 12,000 MD, Casing shoe set at 2500 ft/TVD
10.8 ppg
10.9 ppg
11.0 ppg
12.4 ppg
In a 10,000 foot well TVD, 13,000 MD, the 16 ppg mud weight has a gradient of
832 psi/ft
307 psi/ft
0.832 psi/ft
8320 psi
You took a 25 barrel salt water kick and closed the well in. SIDPP = 300 psi, SICP = 500 psi. As you kill the well and circulate the kick out, how much volume will the salt water kick be when it reaches the surface
15 bbls
25 bbls
41.66 bbls
None of the above
You have a well shut in. You only have 2 barriers for this well. What are the 2 barriers?
Driller and Crew
BOP and Mud
HCR's and Choke
Float and Mud Pump
While tripping out of the hole, the well was not taking the right amount of fluid and the well was shut in. SIDPP is 600 psi and SICP is 600 psi. Bit is at 5000 feet, Well is 10,000 feet deep. What should we do?
Prepare a kill plan and use the driller’s method
Prepare a kill plan and use the wait and weight method
Prepare to strip back to bottom and use Volumetric Method
Prepare to strip back to bottom and use the 1st circulation of driller’s method
When tripping drill pipe out of the hole, the well begins to not take the correct amount of fluid and begins to flow rapidly. What should you do
Shut the BOP’s and Record Pressures ASAP
Stab the FOSV, close it and then close in the well and record pressures
Stab the FOSV, then open HCR’s, Close BOP’s, and Close Choke, Record pressures
Call the Company Man and Rig Manager and then Stab the FOSV and Close the BOP’s as fast as possible
This is a bonus question, What is your name and who do you work for?
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