Which Enchanted Looking Glass Parent Are You?

When venturing out with the kiddo(s) your favorite outting is..
The local library for books and activities to do together.
The park or other playplace where they can run free and burn off some energy.
Strolling Target with matching "coffees" and maybe lunch nearby.
Zoo or museum, got to keep it interesting, educational, and fun!
When your kid comes home from school you most often...
Ask many curious questions to learn about their day like, who they talked to, what they woked on, or maybe what they enjoyed most.
Give them a warm welcome with a big smile, hug and a snack.
Ask how their day was, listen, reflect to be sure you understood, ask a question or two so they know they've been heard.
Tell them wacky news or story about your day and listen while they tell you stories about their own.
If your child makes a mistake like spilling their milk you will most commonly
Pay little attention to the mess and know they will clean it up or ask for help if needed.
Tell them it's no big deal and ask them for help with the clean up.
Ask them if they know how to handle the mess and if so, let them take care of it.
Tell them about your latest disaster so they know mistakes happen to us all, and stand by if they need help.
Which is your favorite of these downtime activities
A family movie night or show with popcorn!
Books, music, relaxing, and daydreaming!
Art, DIY, or other creative project.
Playing a boardgame or cards, whatever is fun and connective.
When you hit up the park you are most often seen
Intermittantly "watching this," snapping pics, taking video, and surfing socials.
Playing on the equipment with the kids, tag you're it!
Keeping eyes on your kids while chatting and/or sipping your fav drink.
Making sure everyone has snacks, clean hands, a band-aid, and finds thier "lost" parent.
Visiting local hotspots, like the zoo, library or Chick-Fil-A, is fun because
Of the peace and space to think while they're having fun.
There's rarely an outing that didn't entertain you as much as the kids.
Adult conversations, entertained kids, what's not to love?
I love to watch them having fun and discovering things for the first time.
Where do babies come from?
Here's an antomy book, let's find out.
From mom's belly...what would you like for lunch?
That's a great question, why do you ask?
Breaks out finger puppets for a kid friendly storytime on the subject.
At the ball field you can loosely be descibed as...
Team parent complete with water, first-aid, and a reassuring pat on the back.
Shouting "Do you best and most importantly, have fun!" Chilling and cheering on the bleachers.
The booster organizer, team colors from head to toe, loves the smell of striving, hates bad calls.
Watching with interest to talk about specifics with player postgame.
In the drop off lane at school
Drops child at most efficient drop off spot and high tails it to work.
Parks and walks kiddo in, you have room parent duties anyway.
Teaches child road safety and let's them walk or bike whenever possible.
Sometimes we walk, other times we bike, and other times we dance in the car.
When chatting with the school parents about the break
I love it when they're home, I wish I could hang out with them more.
I have an activity scheduled everyday so we all get to enjoy the break..
We have a mini trip planned, don't want to waste an oppoutunity to get away and have fun.
We're all just going to recover, maybe play some games or see what fun ideas pop up.
How birthdays are built
Yeah, her birthday is this weekend, come on over for cake and ice cream to celebrate.
A small family party every year and a big friend party for milestone birthdays.
Planned in advance at the no fuss venue of their choice and the class is invited.
Gives birthday child options and plan accordingly.
When your child's feelings are hurt you are likely to
Hold them close, let them talk and share comforting words.
Tell them it's normal and alright to be sad, you feel that way too sometimes. Ask if they'd like sugguestions that help you.
Listen, then tell a joke or funny story to cheer them up.
Let them know that they are strong and that while they may feel hurt now, it will pass, and leave wisdom behind.
Where did your babies like to chill often?
In a carrier or wrap so I could get things done and stay connected.
In their favorite boucer, on a blanket, or in the swing by your side.
In my arms or on the ground nearby exploring.
The stroller, carseat, or cart, always on the go.
Photographic memories?
90% Candid shots from your phone with a family photo shoot every 5 or 10 years.
School pictures, scrapbooks, and frequent staged family photos to commemorate holidays and special events.
Professional photos of as many milestones and events as possible. Family shots at every minor event.
A mulitimedia experience box filled with photos, tinkets and keepsakes, any little thing that sparks a memory.
Your morning "routine"
Relaxing with a cup of coffee and cracking jokes before shuffling everyone off to their places of work and school.
Morning ritual with kid(s) or before they wake up. Getting centered and ready to soak up the day.
Well oiled machine style schedule with a checklist (literal or mental) for smooth transition and minimize forgotten items.
Helps kids with breakfast, choosing clothes, packing lunches complete with an napkin note.
How do drift to dreamland?
It's a family affair, we share a room/ family bed. They're only small for a little while.
A calming, time sensitive, scheduled routine designed to getting the little darling off to sleep so you all get the rest you need.
Books, a chat, maybe a bath, bed, pretty relexed and startting around the samish time nightly.
You get ready for bed together so they can see how it goes, and tuck them in when they're tired. They decide where they sleep.
Your prefered style is...
Eclectic, colorful, with lots of fun accessories and intersting pieces, thift shopping rules!
Comfy, cozy, easy care for life! Clothes are meant to be lived in.
Quality, elegance, and fashion, your wardobe is one of your calling cards.
Mere details, whatever's functional and fits works for me.
Your circle of close relationships?
Mostly family, my partner and a couple close friends. I can talk with anyone but stick mainly to my people.
You've never met a stranger and you keep a lively circle of close pals you hang and text with on the regular.
While you feel connected with everyone, you tend to be quiet in large groups and have only a couple who know you deeply.
You give love to all the people and all the people seem to love you back. You don't talk about yourself often, but there as people you lean on when you need a listening ear.
It's Time to Celebrate! How do you like to cut loose?
A night on the town, dinner, drinks, maybe some live music or dancing. Take me out!
A great reason to load up and get out of town, nothing like a weekend in nature with your people to fill your cup!
A quiet dinner with family or friends complete with a gourmet dessert.
Pack the house, it' time to paaarrrty! Everyone is welcome, no gifts, just your smile, remember to come hungry!
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