Test Your Knowledge of the Dungan Revolt: Take This Quiz Now!

When did the Dungan Revolt take place?
Who was the leader of the revolt?
Ma Hualong
Ma Zhan'ao
Ma Haiyan
Ma Xinyi
What caused the Dungan Revolt?
Discrimination against Muslims by Chinese officials
Lack of resources
Poor living conditions
Conflict with neighboring tribes
Which region was most affected by the revolt?
Gansu Province
Shaanxi Province
Qinghai Province
Ningxia Province
How long did the revolt last?
11 years
8 years
5 years
3 years
Who eventually put down the revolt?
The Imperial Chinese Army
Local militia forces
Foreign troops
Mongolian forces
What were the main weapons used during the revolt?
Swords and spears
Guns and cannons
Bows and arrows
Clubs and rocks
How many people died in the revolt?
Over 100,000
Over 200,000
Over 500,000
Over 1 million
What happened to the survivors of the revolt?
They were exiled from their homeland
They were executed
They were enslaved
They were forced into labor camps
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