What's your energy type?

Which statement applies the most to you:
I like to be the center of attention. I like to laugh, talk and party.
I prefer not to be part of a group, but if I have to be then, I would rather be at the edge of the group.
I like being among people. Harmony and equality are important values for me.
In a group I often take the lead.
In a group I get bored quickly when people do smalltalk.
It’s important for me to be able:
To take care of people and to help.
To dream and do things my way.
To share my opinion, let my voice be heard.
To do things. Action. Move forward, achieve things.
To live and work in order and control, to have overview and orderliness.
What annoys you the most: (1)
People who constantly talk and laugh a lot (and loudly).
When people argue, conflicts.
Authority figures, being commanded, coercion.
People who constantly demand your attention.
Sourpusses, negativity, people who see problems in everything.
What annoys you the most: (2)
Slow people, slow processes, tediousness.
When people are lazy, don’t do their part of the job, laxity.
People who are emotionally unavailable, cold hearted.
‘Yes, but…’ people, self-pitying persons, victim mentality.
People who ignore rules or agreements or take them in their own hands.
What annoys you the most: (3)
People who only act and react from their analytical brain. Never go with their ‘gut-feeling’ and don’t listen to their inner voice.
People who are aloof, indifferent, toward me.
People who like everything, only act and think positive, and get excited about everything.
People who are compliant and self-effacing. Pleasers who don’t have an opinion, no boundaries.
Silence, being alone.
Keywords for me are:
Helping, taking care of, connections.
Growth, development, action, progress.
Respect, for people but also for rules and agreements.
Resting, dreaming, feeling, listening to inner voice.
Love, fun, positivity, heart connections.
I like: (1)
To be surrounded by many people, parties, a lot of talking and laughter. I hate being alone.
Cosiness, making people happy and comfortable, connecting people.
The variety: sometimes socialising but also spend a lot of time at home, just to be…
Socialising with a purpose, networking, good organization.
Not too many social activities, occasionally a meaningful 1-on-1 contact is enough.
I like: (2)
A lot of time and space to be alone; I love being on myself.
To talk, give my opinion, let people hear my voice.
Equality, getting everyone to be in harmony with each other.
Taking the lead in a group. I connect easily.
Small and quiet groups. I hate loud and noisy surroundings.
My first (inner) reaction on criticism is:
I don’t like that. Why does the other person criticize me?
Oh sorry! I didn’t give or help enough. Sorry, sorry, sorry ...
Okay, obviously I have to improve myself.
Everybody makes mistakes. You, me, everyone! I forgive myself and others quickly.
No problem. I’ll think about it but I’ll follow my own path anyway.
I do things:
Fast, a bit unorganised, often at the last moment, sometimes too late...
Slowly, thoroughly, with an eye for details, you should never rush me.
Myself, on my own, accurately, following the rules.
Thoroughly, a bit slow, sometime a little chaotically, but always in my own way.
Fast, I think fast, decide fast, I act fast, even in emergency situations.
The pitfall I most recognise is:
I want to do everything myself and I constantly need to improve myself.
I think a lot, I worry a lot and I tend to over-analyze things.
I like to start new projects, creating the big vision; but working it out and details are not my thing so I tend not to finish things I started.
My energy combined with me wanting and doing a lot, gets me not-focused; a little uncontrollable.
I tend to speak too much (also about myself); listening to what others have to say is not my strongest point.
In communication with others: (1)
I talk easily, even about myself, I am good with words.
I don’t easily share my emotions, I’m a bit dreamy and have a ‘wait and see approach’.
I strive to bring people together, I create harmony, I’m sociable and democratic.
I always have a goal and I quickly take the lead in a conversation.
I am modest and introverted, modestly and quiet, I don’t use too many words or gestures.
In communication with others: (2)
I don’t easily express what I feel or think, and as a result I sometimes have an emotional outburst.
I open up easily, I easily speak my mind and have my ‘heart on the tongue’.
I speak diplomatically, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I want to make everyone happy and I hate conflicts.
I am often right and can easily convince others that I’m right to.
People often tell me they calm down just by talking to me.
In communication I can come across as: (1)
Over-concerned, better taking care of others then myself.
In a hurry, doing things at the very last moment and being late.
Critical, a perfectionist, bureaucratic.
In communication I can come across as: (2)
Quirky, stubbornly following my own path, tenacious.
Not accepting a 'no', having a win mentality, cannot take criticism very well.
A perfectionist, wanting to control everything.
Not listening, in my mind already thinking what to say back.
A moralist, a bit rigid, inflexible and everything has to go in accordance with the agreements or rules.
In communication I can come across as: (3)
Too self-confident, thickheaded, a know-it-all, a little arrogant.
Obedient, docile, pleasing.
Invisible, isolated, withdrawn.
A bit difficult to follow, unpredictable, fickle, impulsive.
Rapid mood swings, fiery, sensitive, easily jealous.
What describes your needs and driving forces the best:
I am very results-oriented. I want to grow, change and achieve things.
I want to help people. I want to bring people together and strive for more harmony in the world.
To me, connection to my inner knowing, my intuition is very important. I must be able to be my authentic self and follow my own path.
Respect, quality, sincerity and deep (soul) contacts are important.
I am focused on love, pleasure and heart to heart connections.
When I feel out of balance: (1)
I can get sad. I withdraw, make myself invisible. I’ll wait, be passive and aloof.
I can lose the trust I normally have. I become anxious, sometimes even scared and I withdraw.
I can lose my fire inside, my passion. My heart will close. I get emotionally confused and I become passive.
This doesn’t happen much, most of the time I feel strong and ready for a lot of action.
I can feel misunderstood, not needed, I tend to worry, become dependent, pleasing and sacrifice myself.
When I feel out of balance: (2)
I can get controlling; want to know everything and keep an eye on everything.
I can explode after keeping my emotions in for too long. Sarcasme, pessimistic or cynical behavior is also possible.
I can be like thunderous water; fanatically, stubborn and even a little dramatically.
I can become impatient, irritated or even angry. Also maybe a little pushy, manipulating or dominant.
I tend to jabber, demand all attention with loud talking and perhaps screaming. I could even get in to a hissy fit.
I want to be recognized for:
My honesty, sincerity and my respect.
Everything I do, have done, developed and achieved.
The sacrifices I made and the help I offered.
My wisdom and knowledge.
The love I give, I want to be loved and heard.
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