***"What in the World?" Weekly Quiz -- Dec 31, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019***

Due to security concerns from drone activity which caused massive delays during the Christmas holiday at THESE two airports, military grade anti-drone defenses were purchased. 

Beauvais and Charles de Gaulle.
Leonardo da Vinci and Ciampino.
John F. Kennedy and La Guardia.
Gatwick and Heathrow.

An air strike launched by the United States killed Jamal al-Badawi, an al-Qaeda militant commander, in Yemen on January 1st. Badawi was indicted by a U.S. grand jury in 2003 for his role in THIS attack on Americans.

The 1998 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
The 1996 bombing of the Khobar Tower dormitory housing US Air Force personnel.
The 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Aden.
The 1995 bombing of a US military office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

National Security Advisor John Bolton said that there were new conditions following President Trump’s surprise announcement to withdraw U.S. troops deployed to Syria. THIS is the new condition attached to a short term pullout.


Russia must agree to continue the effort the U.S. had brought to eliminating the ISIS threat from Syrian territory.
Iran must agree to withdraw its Republican Guards militia forces from Syria.
Syria must guarantee to stop Iranian military materials from being transshipped to Hezbollah militia forces in Lebanon.
Turkey must agree that Kurdish forces in Syria that fought alongside Americans must be protected.

Newly inaugurated President Jair Bolsonaro issued an executive order on Wednesday making the Agriculture Ministry in THIS country responsible for “identification, delimitation, demarcation and registration of lands traditionally occupied by indigenous people,” allowing agribusiness to work on native peoples’ lands. Though it’s a temporary order and if not ratified within 120 days it will expire. What country is THIS?


The United Nations on Friday called for an independent and impartial investigation into the Dec. 30 election in THIS country amid accusations of violence and voting irregularities. Prime Minister Sheikha Hasina was voted into office for her third consecutive term as head of THIS nation.



In THIS country a nationwide strike by the country’s doctors is now into its second month because they want better pay, working conditions while the country faces severe dollar shortages and spiraling inflation.


Parliament in Britain is set to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan around January 15th.  The proposal faces strong cross winds outside and within her Conservative party among those who want to change the deal, delay it or reverse the Brexit process altogether. What are the likely consequences of defeat of May’s Brexit plan vote?

The United Kingdom will have a second “Exit” referendum in February.
The United Kingdom will leave the European Union on March 29th without a deal.
The vote will signal no-confidence in Prime Minister May will she will resign.
The United Kingdom will invoke Article 22 of the EU Charter to cancel the “Exit” process.

THIS country has replaced Italy as the destination of choice for migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe according to European Union published estimates this week.



President Trump told reporters Sunday Beijing was motivated to make a trade deal given the weakness of the Chinese economy. His statement came as THIS latest development in the trade war took place.


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced new tariffs on $100 billion worth of goods.
U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators started the first talks since a 90-day trade war truce.
Beijing said it plans to shut down its International Intellectual Property Protection Agency.
The new Democrat Chairman of the House International Relations Committee scheduled hearings on the Trump Administration’s China tariff policies.

“Aquaman” is poised to make a billion dollars for it’s on-screen portrayal of a classic DC character. The director was born in THIS country.

South Africa
New Zealand
{"name":"***\"What in the World?\" Weekly Quiz -- Dec 31, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019***", "url":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/Q7QKG00","txt":"The Philippines President walked back comments made in Beijing about a “separation” from a historic partnership with the United States a day after his summit with Chinese leaders where he also called for closer Manila-Moscow ties. In his clarification he said, “It is not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,\" adding, “It's in the best interest of my countrymen to maintain that relationship.\" WHO is the President of the Philippines?, Just as US-Philippines relations were becoming more strained Vietnam opened the door to a more vigorous American presence in the region when Hanoi announced, through the Defense Ministry, that the country would support U.S. “intervention” in the Asia-Pacific if it would help keep peace and stability. The statement was a milestone in the long road back for US-Vietnam relations from America’s war there that ended with the fall of Saigon ON THIS DATE:, The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s first permanent war crimes court, has been under pressure over charges it was pursuing a “neo-colonial” agenda based on 9 out of 10 of its prosecutions having been against African leaders. Last week THIS COUNTRY announced its intention to withdraw from the court after it was criticized for failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Bashir, wanted by the court for genocide and war crimes.","img":"https://cdn.poll-maker.com/11-513922/middle-east-map-edited3.png?sz=1200-00000000001000005300"}
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