Certified ScrumMaster Practice Exam

Which of the following is an Agile value?
Following a plan over responding to change.
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
Program execution over maintaining the status quo.
Respect for people over alignment.
At the end of each Sprint, the Scrum Team holds a Sprint Retrospective. Which principle from the Agile Manifesto does this event support?
Working software is the primary measure of progress.
At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.
The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.
Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
What are the three pillars of empirical process control?
Commitment, openness and respect.
Transparency, inspection and adaptation.
Whole team, energized work and monthly cycle.
Estimation, commitment and utilization.

Natalie, a ScrumMaster for a new Scrum Team, is encouraging Franklin, the team’s Product Owner, to invite customers to participate in the Sprint Review.  Franklin is having doubts because he is concerned that showing the customers incomplete work will reflect poorly on the business.  Which Scrum value is Franklin lacking in this scenario?


Which of the following would be an example of putting the Scrum value of “focus” into action during a Daily Scrum? 

Each Developer has sixty seconds to talk about their favorite vacation.
The Product Owner shares their opinions about what is the state of the company after the most recent “all-hands” meeting.
One Developer telling another Developer to not to accept any new work from outside the Scrum Team that jeopardizes the Sprint Goal.
The ScrumMaster asks if anyone wants to volunteer to help plan the annual Holiday party.
What are the three accountabilities in Scrum?
Agile Team, Business Owners and Release Train Engineer.
Developer, Customer and Coach.
Developers, Product Owner and ScrumMaster.
Employees, Stakeholders and Managers.
How many people are on a Scrum Team?
Ten or fewer
Eight or nine
More than twelve
As many as needed
What is the Scrum Team’s goal in the first Sprint?
Begin the requirements analysis, architecture and infrastructure.
Create the initial Product Backlog.
Draft the initial project charter to launch the Scrum Team.
Build a potentially releasable product Increment.
When does the Product Owner update the Product Backlog?
After the Sprint Review, but before Sprint Planning.
During the Sprint Planning meeting.
Before meeting with the Developers in the Daily Scrum.
Anytime during the Sprint when they learn something new.

Marta is a ScrumMaster for a team of twelve people: six developers, two testers (QA), two business analysts, one architect and one user experience (UX) designer.  She wants to make two smaller Scrum Teams.  Which configuration of people makes the new Scrum Teams MOST cross-functional?

Team A: six developers & one architect.
Team B: two QA, two analysts & one UX designer.
Team C: three developers, one QA, one analyst & one architect.
Team D: three developers, one QA, one analyst & UX designer.
Team E: four developers, two QA & one analyst.
Team F: one architect, one analyst & UX designer.
Team G: six developers, two QA, one architect & one UX designer.
Team H: two QA.
How does the ScrumMaster serve the Product Owner during a Sprint?
Teaches the Product Owner effective Product Backlog management techniques.
Manages the Developers when the Product Owner is out-of-the-office.
Orders the Product Backlog to maximize business value.
Writes Product Backlog items during Product Backlog refinement.

Jeanie, a ScrumMaster for a team of seven people, is speaking with Deepa, the CTO of a software company, about how they can use Scrum to deliver an important outcome for the business.  Which of the following actions can Jeanie offer Deepa that are consistent with a ScrumMaster’s responsibility to serve the organization?

Plan and manage the work to ensure a delivery that is on-time and on-budget.
Write code and remove any impediments the Developers might have.
Lead and coach the organization in its Scrum adoption.
Facilitate Scrum events and ensure adherence to the process.

During the Daily Scrum, the Product Owner encourages the Developers to temporarily “put the Definition of Done on pause” in order to make an important deadline.  Which response by Delphine, the team’s ScrumMaster, would be the MOST effective response to this suggestion?

“During a Sprint, quality goals do not decrease.”
“Since this is the first time the Product Owner has made this request, I think we should honor it.”
“Let me check with our tech lead to see what they think before we proceed.”
“As long as this change does not endanger the Sprint Goal, I am OK with it.”
What is the maximum duration of a Sprint?
One day
One week
One month
One quarter
How many working days should be allocated between Sprints for bug fixing, system testing, refactoring, test automation and\or documentation?
Two to three.
Up to five.
No more than ten.
What are the three parts of Sprint Planning?
The why, the what and the how.
The kickoff, the planning and the commitment.
The staffing, the estimation and the assignments.
The requirements, the analysis and the design.
What is the purpose of the Daily Scrum?
Give the ScrumMaster an opportunity to identify any impediments and track their resolution.
Allow the Product Owner to see how the work is transpiring and to answer any questions from the Developers.
Identify any impediments which may negatively impact scope, cost and/or schedule.
Provide the Developers with an opportunity to plan their work for the next twenty-four hours.
Which of the following is a potential goal for a Sprint Retrospective?
Update the Product Backlog.
Examine the technical practices of the Development Team members.
Take a break after the Sprint to unwind and relax.
Review the product Increment with the stakeholders.
Which of these statements about the Product Backlog is correct?
When multiple Scrum Teams work together on a single product, each Scrum Team has their own Product Backlog.
It is created by the Scrum Team during Sprint Zero.
All sizing of the Product Backlog items is approved by the Product Owner.
The Product Backlog is never complete.
Which of the following is one of the three artifacts in Scrum?
Sprint Backlog
Definition of Done
Product Roadmap
Why does Scrum place a strong emphasis on complete transparency?
Without transparency decisions to optimize value and control risk are flawed.
So that management will know what everyone is doing at all times.
Developers and testers cannot be trusted to make good product decisions.
To identify which parts of the organization are resisting Scrum and which are not.
Which of the following are attributes of a Product Backlog item?
Role, goal and acceptance criteria.
Description, order and size.
Priority, user story and story points.
Summary, priority and reporter.
Which of the following statements is true about the Sprint Backlog?
Multiple Sprint Goals can be realized by a single Sprint Backlog.
It is a plan created by the Developers to describe how they will deliver the product Increment and realize the Sprint Goal.
It is the single source of work undertaken by the Scrum Team.
Once created, it can only be updated when both the Product Owner and ScrumMaster agree that the change has a legitimate business need.
Which are responsibilities UNIQUE to Developers in Scrum?
Manage the Product Backlog and maximize business value.
Produce a plan for the Sprint and create the product Increment.
Promote Scrum and plan its implementation in the organization.
Support the Scrum framework and give feedback to their peers.
Which of the following is a ScrumMaster responsibility related to their accountability to improve the Scrum Team’s effectiveness?
Coaching the team members in self-management and cross-functionality.
Developing and explicitly communicating the Product Goal.
Responding to questions and making decisions when the Developers have doubts about Product Backlog items.
Allowing the Developers to skip the Daily Scrum because they feel they have evolved past the need for a daily meeting.
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