The ILITHIOS Spirit Animal Quiz

You think cats are actually
from space
just fine
the most amazing thing on earth
meant to be shot in space
emotionless killers
You make plans and stick to em
Most of the time.
Oooh look, a butterfly. See ya
Are you an anxious person?
Too blessed to stress.
Only if you dont text me back right away
Only in stressful circumstances
Its Friday. Going to a show. What am I wearing?
Jeans and a tshirt. Who cares
All white and elegant
Sequin jacket, tights, sunglasses
Meat suit
Everything black and elegant.
Are you a morning person?
Hustlin! Up at crack of dawn
Dance all night, sleep all day
I work 9-5 so no choice really
Hit that snooze like 15 times.. but up before lunch
I only sleep. Nothing matters.
Feel comfortable with myself
I love myself as I am.
I cant stand myself
Dont really think about it at all
Sometimes yes, sometimes no..
I wish I was better with some things
A friend said something bad about you to someone else. What do you do?
I let it go. Dont want to lose friend
I probably deserved it.
I confront em. If they apologize, all is well.
Kick er ass, Seabass
Tell everyone all their dark shit youve been covering up
I often feel sad for no reason
Nah, Im good.
Sorry, just listening to depressing music all day at loud levels, what was question?
Hmm, I mean, Im mostly good
I have no emotions.
Sigh.. I suppose if i think about it, ya..
What is my favorite place on earth?
The ocean
The forest
The sky
The bar
The desert
In my lovers arms
The dessert
Who am I sharing my netflix password with?
My parents
Whoever can give me their HBO pw
My partner
Im the one being shared with
My best friend
I dont watch TV
I have a day off...I would rather...
go for a walk in the woods
be with my closest friend
create a piece of art
read a book like a smart person
go to a party
You just survived a plane crash and have to take shelter..
Ooo.. a cozy cave..
Find sticks and things and building a den
Huh.. an abandoned cabin in the woods.. wcgw
Find high ground to avoid predators.
No time for shelter, must hunt..
Hide underneath the wreckage and cry
Use jet fuel to start fire and stay put. Someone will find you.. .. ..
Your ideal partner is ...
is the toughest person with strong genes
Has their own life and you split the rent
is sensitive, tender, and cried during Beaches
More than one partner
clingy, like me. Go co-dependency!
How would you describe yourself?
Down to earth
Stand off-ish
Sympathize with others' feelings
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Strongly Disagree
Will Priyanka and Nick Jonas make it long run?
No way, shes too good for him.
No way, hes too cool for her.
Of course, they're perfect.
Wait, who are these people?
I dont give a f**k
They'll stay together for 13 years then hes gonna cheat on her cause hes a dork
I dont know them but I wish them the best.
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