What Type of Snow Are You?

When the time comes to make a hard decision do you
Know exactly what you want and directly state it.
Not really care and just decide with little thought
Go over all possibilities and stress yourself out and are unable to make a decision in the end
Try your hardest to make the worst decision for everyone
Are yellow
When it comes to music do you
Listen to more lighthearted pop tunes that flow and are full of energy
Prefer more hard-core music like metal and rock
Never really decide on what music to listen to so you end up skipping through songs for hours
Listen to dog whistle noises at max volume
Are yellow
Every night do you
Make sure you fall asleep at a specific time and keep a perfect schedule that you stick by no matter what
Just fall asleep whenever you feel like it, whether it's late or early
Stress so hard about getting enough rest or about the day to come that you can't sleep at all
Stay up as late as possible in your house making as much noise as possible to everyone else awake
Are yellow
When ordering at a restaurant do you
Order immediately completely sure of what you want
Stress over what an appropriate answer is or if people will think you're weird for your pick and end up not being able to say anything
Just pick something random off the menu because you're sure it'll be good
Sneak out back and steal grease out of the back of the restaurant to sell
Are yellow
When a big test is coming up the next day do you
Study hard and assure yourself that you'll ace the test
Just play video games and not even think about it because you're sure you'll do fine
Stress so hard that you can't sleep or absorb any information from studying, and show up the next day so tired that you fall asleep halfway through the test
Prepare a prank to completely destroy all of the completed tests
Are yellow
When it comes to losing, whether it be a game or anything where failure is an option do you
Use the loss to spring back and learn from your mistakes to win later on
Not care because it really doesn't matter anyways
Feel sick because you lost and never want to try again because you're sure you'll just keep losing
Start yelling and screaming because there's no way that YOU lost, everyone else is the real losers.
Are yellow
Are yellow
Are yellow
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