Test Your Knowledge of the First Sino–Japanese War - Take This Quiz Now!

What other country became involved in the conflict?
United Kingdom
What were the major outcomes of the treaty?
Japan gained control of Taiwan
China regained control of Korea
China ceded parts of Manchuria to Japan
All of the above
Who signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki?
China and Japan
China and Russia
Japan and Russia
Japan and United States
What treaty ended the war?
Treaty of Shimonoseki
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of San Francisco
Treaty of Washington
How long did the war last?
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years
Which two countries fought in the First Sino–Japanese War?
China and Japan
Japan and France
China and India
China and South Korea
Who declared war against Japan in 1894?
United States
What was the primary cause of the conflict?
Korean Independence
Chinese Expansionism
Japanese Imperialism
Taiwanese Sovereignty
When did the First Sino–Japanese War begin?
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