Vacuum Infusion Complete Guide Quiz

What are some of the benefits to using Vacuum Infusion?
Less Wasted Resin
Better fiber-to-resin ratio
All of the above
Which of the following techniques offer the best fiber-to-resin ratio?
Vacuum Bagging
Vacuum Infusion
Hand Layup
They are all equal
Which of the following is placed in-line during the vacuum infusion process in order to catch excess resin that could harm your pump?
Vacuum Tubing
Peel Ply
Resin Trap
Sealant tape
Which of the following allows you to detect leaks in your infusion process?
A) Ultrasonic Leak Detector
B) Stethoscope
C) Resin Trap
D) Both A and B
What is a potential pitfall when you are doing the Vacuum Infusion Process?
Easy to Ruin a Part
Limited Worktime
Messy Work Place
All of the Above
Which of the following products aid the flow of resin in an Infusion process?
Flow Media
Peel Ply
Sealant Tape
What is a key characteristic of the type of resin that will aid in your Infusion process?
High Viscosity
Low Viscosity
Short Pot life
None of the Above
8.) Why is it important to clamp off the resin line after the laminate is completely wetted out?
To Prevent Destructive Bubbles from Entering
To Prevent the Laminate from Curing
It is not important
None of the Above
What can you use to check the temperature of your resin during the infusion process?
Your hand
Vacuum Gauge
Infrared Thermometer
Which of the following flow media permits a wide path for resin dispersion over the entire surface?
Omega Flow Channel
EnkaFusion Filter Jacket
Resin Trap
Spiral Tubing
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