What's your name?
My name is Nika.
I'm 10 years old.
What's your favourite animal?
My favourite number is 20.
My favourite animal is a dog.
My favourite colour is red.
I like pizza.
Have you got any brothers or sisters?
I have got one brother and one sister.
I can jump, but I can't fly.
What's your favourite day?
I like oranges.
My favourite month is January.
My favourite day is Friday.
I haven't got any brothers or sisters.
What's your favourite month?
I live in Ljubljana.
I like bananas, but I don't like apples.
My name is Peter.
My favourite month is December.
Where do you live?
I like pineapples.
I live in Celje.
What's your favourite colour?
My name is Jack.
My birthday is in October.
My favourite colour is green.
I can play guitar.
How old are you?
I live in Gorenja vas.
I'm eight years old.
I like juice.
I can't whistle.
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