Women Perfume Personality Test

What is your idea of perfect Saturday night?
Shooting pool, bowling, ice skating
Night out with dancing & drinks
Watching a romantic movie
Quiet & classy dinner with friends
Networking or hot date
I am:
Carefree and energetic
A cool headed person
A warm hearted person
Responsible and careful
Perfectionist and controlling
Your attitude toward moisturizer is:
“It better have sunscreen in it.”
“Did I forget it again?“
“Generous usage of carefully bought products.”
“Read the label and definitely the fine-print”
“Celebrity brands only”
The best compliment you ever received from your boss was:
“You have so much energy.”
“You are practical and a team player.”
“You're really take care of people around you.”
“You're so professional.”
“You really make an impression and are result oriented.”
Which words best describe you?
Perky, Cheerful, Open minded
Easy, Happy
Feminine, Sweet, Romantic
Elegant, Traditional
Take charge, Sexy, Outspoken
Those who know me, would describe me as:
Playful and casual
Easy-going and sensible
Romantic and feminine
Confident and assertive
Adventurous and spontaneous
My nature is best described as:
Genuine and fun-loving
Easy and practical
Accommodating and adjusting
Refined and sophisticated
Independent and unconstrained
I consider myself to be:
At a party I would be:
Commanding everyone's attention
Sociable and open to meeting new people
Dancing by myself to my favourite song
Laidback and low-key
The confident guest that commands attention naturally
The majority of clothing in my closet is:
Comfortable: Athletic attire, loungewear
Practical: Jeans and t-shirts; mix and match items
Dressy: Pretty dresses, lace, soft colours, prints
Refined: Elegant dress that works for office & evening
Expensive: Tailored suits, designer brands
My ideal vacation would be spent:
Roughing it, hiking, diving
Having fun on a beach or poolside
Staying at a dreamy Bed & Breakfast
Strolling streets of Paris & art galleries
At an exclusive & exotic resort
When I was young, I enjoyed spending time:
Exploring the neighbourhood
Cycling and playing outside
Playing with dolls
Painting and reading books
Being the group leader, wherever I was
I have always loved the scent of:
Fresh cut grass
Grandfather’s pipe
Cooking spices
During my free time on a Saturday I would most likely be found:
Working out at the gym, running a Marathon
Strolling at beach or garden
Shopping at latest boutique
Enjoying the latest exhibition or Broadway show
Eating at the most expensive restaurant
The best way to calm your nerves before a job interview is:
Working out, running, exercising
Listening to your iPod
Applying makeup, thinking of dress options
Doing Yoga or other calming stretches
Having a bubble bath
When it comes to your hair:
Ponytail to save time
Fashionable, straight cut
Good feminine style, permed or coloured
Stylish, but very low maintenance
Weekly blow-outs & grooming from only the best salons
Your nails are:
Simple, light colours
Feminine colour & thoughtful details
Brown, Amber
Blood Red
Your dream job would be:
An Olympic athlete
A Discovery Channel Photographer
A supermodel
A bistro owner
fortune 500 company CEO
Your ideal after-work way to wind down is:
Hitting a beach volleyball game
Going to a beach or park
Getting a pedicure or a facial
Checking out an art gallery opening
Having cocktails at some swank bar
When single, the best plan of attack is to:
Sign up for a run & see who else is there
Look out for ex-colleagues or classmates
Ask your friends for help
Go to an online dating site
Try the local dance club
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