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What is your Design Style?

Which color palette do you prefer for your living room?
Neutral tones
Bold and vibrant colors
Earthy and warm tones
Mix of different colors
How would you describe your furniture preferences?
Sleek and minimalistic
Mix of vintage and modern pieces
Classic and ornate
Bohemian and eclectic
What type of flooring do you prefer?
Hardwood or laminate
Patterned tiles or colorful rugs
Wall-to-wall carpeting
Mix of different flooring materials
How do you like to decorate your walls?
Minimal artwork or mirrors
Gallery wall with various art pieces
Traditional paintings or tapestries
Eclectic mix of artwork and wall hangings
Which lighting fixtures do you prefer?
Recessed lighting or track lights
Unique and statement pendant lights
Chandeliers or sconces
Mix of different types of lighting fixtures
How do you like to accessorize your space?
Minimal and functional accessories
Eclectic mix of decorative items
Antique or vintage accessories
Natural elements and plants
What is your preferred window treatment?
Simple and clean blinds or shades
Colorful curtains or patterned drapes
Classic and elegant curtains
Mix of different window treatments
How do you like to arrange your furniture?
Open and spacious layout
Cozy and intimate seating areas
Symmetrical and balanced arrangement
Mix of different furniture arrangements
What is your preferred style for kitchen cabinets?
Clean and minimalistic
Colorful or patterned cabinets
Traditional and ornate cabinets
Mix of different cabinet styles
How do you like to incorporate textures in your design?
Smooth and sleek surfaces
Textured walls or statement furniture pieces
Rich fabrics and upholstery
Mix of different textures
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