Workplace bullying and harassment

What is the definition of workplace bullying?
Repeated and unreasonable behavior directed towards an employee
Occasional teasing or joking around in the office
Constructive criticism given by a supervisor
Friendly competition among colleagues
Which of the following is NOT a form of workplace harassment?
Sexual harassment
Racial discrimination
Providing constructive feedback
What should you do if you witness workplace bullying?
Intervene and support the victim
Ignore it and mind your own business
Join in to avoid becoming a target
Report it to HR after a few incidents
Which of the following is NOT an effect of workplace bullying on the victim?
Increased stress and anxiety
Decreased job satisfaction
Improved self-esteem
Physical health problems
Reduced productivity
What is the first step to addressing workplace bullying?
Recognizing and acknowledging the issue
Confronting the bully directly
Seeking legal action immediately
Ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away
Which of the following is an example of verbal workplace bullying?
Yelling or shouting at an employee
Providing constructive feedback
Offering assistance to a colleague
Expressing disagreement in a respectful manner
Using offensive language or slurs
What is the role of employers in preventing workplace bullying?
Creating a safe and respectful work environment
Ignoring complaints from employees
Promoting competition among employees
Encouraging gossip and rumors
What is the difference between bullying and constructive criticism?
Bullying is repeated and unreasonable, while constructive criticism is intended to help improve performance
Bullying only occurs in the workplace, while constructive criticism can happen anywhere
Bullying is always physical, while constructive criticism is verbal
Bullying is illegal, while constructive criticism is not
Which of the following is NOT a potential consequence for the perpetrator of workplace bullying?
Disciplinary action, including termination
Legal consequences, such as fines or lawsuits
Promotion and recognition for their behavior
Damage to their professional reputation
Loss of trust and respect from colleagues
What can individuals do to protect themselves from workplace bullying?
Set boundaries and assertively communicate expectations
Avoid interacting with colleagues altogether
Engage in retaliatory behavior towards the bully
Resign from their job immediately
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