Momaholic Balance Quiz

Where do you wish you could devote more time?
At home with my family
At work getting things done
On my own doing something for myself
What area of your life to you feel that you excel in the most?
I am a Motherhood Master! I find my stride at home taking care of my family.
I am a Career Crusher! I have got it all together at work. I'm passionate about what I do and find it easy to suceed and make that money honey!
I am a Self Care Sensei! I am able to keep my cool and stay calm when things get messy at work or home because I know when to rest and ask for help.
What does your perfect day look like?
Spending the entire day with my family. Banana pancakes, long bike rides & game nights!
I want to spend the whole day in uninterrupted productivity! I could spend all day goal setting, strategizing and planning out my next big project!
A day just for me! Gym session followed by brunch with the girls. No time restraints and no responsibilities!
Where could you really use a helping hand?
At home! Can someone please help me get this house under control!? You'll find me under a pile of laundry.
An assistant at work would be a dream come true. I get so caught up in non-productive tasks like emails and paperwork. I can't seem to get ahead.
I often feel lonely. Can someone please just make me slow down and stop to enjoy mayself every now and then? I could really use a friend that asked me to hit the gym or grap a happy hour every now and then.
What do you worry about the most?
I'm worried about the amount of time my kids are spending without a parent around. I want to be the one raising my kids and I don't want to miss out on milestones.
I'm not performing as well as I used to at my career. I'm worried my business will fail, others are going to pass me by or that my employer will be upset with me.
Is this really all there is to my life? Do I even matter? I'm afraid I'm going to regret the choices I've made in my life.
How satisfied are you with your home life?
It is so much better than I could have imagined! Home is my happy place!
We're all doing pretty good, but there is always room for improvement.
Meh, average at best. I find myself envying others lifestyles a lot.
We are definitely not where I want us to be, I'm not sure how to fix it.
It's bad, I find myself escaping any chance I can get. I do not like being home.
How satisfied are you with your career?
I have my dream career! I'm proud and inspired by what I do and making good money doing it!
I like my job but I wish I made more money or was more inspired by what I do.
I am not currently working, but I'd like to be!
I am unhappy with my job. I live for Friday!
My job is horrible! I am stuck there and don't know how to get out.
How often do you get to do something just for you?
Twice a Month
Once a Month
Uh... I don't understand the question.
What do people usually come to you for advice about?
Marriage Advice
Parenting Advice
Career Advice
Health & Fitness Advice
Recommendations on a Great Date Night
You get to pick one Mom super power. Which will it be?
The ability to do laundry and chores with your mind.
Any business you start magically becomes wildly successful.
You can read your children's mind, and always know the right thing to say.
You have unlimited energy & never need to sleep again.
You can stop time and sneak away to do things for yourself whenever you want.
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