What Kind of Mermaid are You?

What kind of weather do you like?
I love warm, tropical climates.
I like lots of cold, snowy weather
I like a very mild climate, where Summer isn't very hot or cold, and Winter isn't either
I like having four different seasons with different weather
What types of colors do you like?
I like one solid color
I like at least two colors that go well together
I don't really consider colors very much...
I like all the colors!
Which Disney princess most like you?
None of the above
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Home. I wouldn't want to travel at all
I'd travel north to explore the icy regions
I don't know
I would go wherever the road takes me
What do you think about having friends?
I'm typically kind to most people, but I like to stay within my group of friends and don't like it when others disrupt that
I don't have very many friends, and I don't need to
I'm friends with everybody, and I love meeting new people!
As long as I have one friend, I'm fine, but other friends are okay too
What kind of material do you like?
Anything rainbow colored!
Anything with stripes.
Anything silky.
Anything fairly strong.
How do you like to style your hair?
In a bun.
I like to leave mine down.
I normally would do a ponytail.
In a braid.
I like to leave it down, as long as it's cut short.
Do you like change, or no change?
I love changing things up, as long as it's for the better!
I typically like to have a routine and stay in one place.
What is your favorite kind of jewelry?
Anything shiny!
I like pearl jewelry.
I like anything that doesn't get caught on things easily.
I don't wear jewelry; I prefer hats and scarves.
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