Test Your Knowledge of the First Punic War - Take this Quiz and Find Out!

What were the two sides in the war?
Rome and Carthage
Greece and Persia
Egypt and Assyria
Sparta and Athens
Where was the first major naval battle of the war fought?
Off the coast of Sicily
In the Adriatic Sea
Near the Greek Islands
In the Atlantic Ocean
Who won the Battle of Agrigentum?
The Romans
The Carthaginians
Neither side
It was a draw
Who famously commanded the Carthaginian forces at the Battle of Cannae?
Hannibal Barca
Scipio Africanus
Hasdrubal Gisgo
Hamilcar Barca
What treaty ended the First Punic War?
The Treaty of Lutatius
The Peace of Syracuse
The Treaty of Utica
The Concordat of Carthage
What were the main causes of the war?
Control of Sicily and Carthaginian expansion in the Mediterranean
Rome's desire to control trade routes
Religious differences between Rome and Carthage
Territorial disputes
How many years did the First Punic War last?
24 years
10 years
5 years
50 years
Who was the Roman commander during the First Punic War?
Scipio Africanus
Julius Caesar
Hannibal Barca
Pompey Magnus
What year did the First Punic War begin?
264 BC
476 AD
800 BC
1789 CE
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