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Which foodie crush is your perfect match?

Your idea of a perfect date would be:
Sharing donuts on the catwalk overlooking your school's stage
Sharing homemade gelato on the beach at sunset
Going for a horesback ride and a picnic by the river
Attending a movie premiere
Having a snowball fight and sharing hot cocoa afterwards
Fishing in a pond in the moonlight
Sharing macarons at midnight in a french patisserie
Having a bake-off in your kitchen
Going to the school dance
Learning a new skill, like archery or sailing.
Sipping a latte at your fave coffeeshop in front of a roaring fire.
You'd crush on someone who:
Is laid back and likes to joke around
Has a serious, thoughtful side
Is creative and artistic
Always looks on the bright side
Believes in you, no matter what
Challenges you to try new things
Isn't afraid to tell you when you're wrong
Is always surprising you with thoughtful notes and spur-of-the-moment outings
Is as fun as he is serious and sometimes brooding
You connect with people who:
Have a great sense of humor
Like to debate you on interesting topics
Are your polar opposite
You have a lot in common with
Have a serious, thoughtful side
Are spontaneous and energetic
Are ambitious and creative
You might be interested in spending time with someone who:
Volunteers at charity organizations
Spends a lot of time around animals
Travels the world
Is an artistic person
Loves playing and watching sports
Spends more time in a kitchen, baking than anywhere else
Is outdoorsy and down-to-earth
You can create side-by-side with
You are the sort of person who:
Would rather take center stage than read a book
Finds parties intimidating
Can't survive a day without your phone
Would rather shop for clothes than swim on a beach
Would rather be outdoors than stuck inside
Would happily bake the day away
Would rather write than bake
Can't resist a musician
Lives for music
Likes to help others work through problems
Your dream home would be:
An apartment in Manhattan
A beach cottage in Florida
A ranch in Texas
A townhouse in San Francisco
A trendy loft in Chicago
A historic house on a small-town Main Street
A villa in Tuscany
A sunshiny bungalow in SoCal
A house in the burbs
A farm in the midwest
A rustic cabin in the mountains
A harborside house with a water view
{"name":"Which foodie crush is your perfect match?", "url":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/QCANDAQ","txt":"Your idea of a perfect date would be:, The swoon-worthiest quality your crush could have would be:","img":"https://www.quiz-maker.com/3012/images/ogquiz.png"}
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