How Alike Are You & Your Dog?

What’s your favorite holiday?
My birthday- It should be a national holiday!
Halloween- Getting dressed up and scaring people, is there anything more fun?
Thanksgiving- Food, food, food!
What’s your favorite way to play with your dog?
Going for a run.
Going to the dog park.
Playing fetch.
Nothing actually.
What is you and your pup’s Dog Park style?
We’re not really dog-park people actually.
Our dog park is the best! Not only we have a lot of fun, we both have a lot of friends there!
It’s my dog’s favorite place on earth, and it’s good for me to enjoy my book.
It might be more enjoyable for me actually, my pup does not really like the park.
How do they react when you grab the last slice of pizza?
They beg you to split it with you until they rip off a part of crust.
They don’t say anything, just try to hide their drool.
You eat the last slice ad fast as possible before they realize it is gone.
They’re not a big fan of pizza actually.
Do you and your buddy agree on a Saturday morning wake up time?
Well, do YOU like waking up at 7AM on Saturday!? Ugh.
Usually they wake up first, but they let me pass back out if needed.
Totally in sync, we sleep unless there’s a reason not to!
My pup is my alarm! But at least I know I won't sleep the day away.
How do you and your buddy feel about your daily walks?
I don’t so much walk with my dog as much as I drag my heels into the ground while my dog pretends he/she’s a sleigh dog.
There’s nothing more I and my pup like to do than go on a nice long walk! Getting exercise and stopping to smell the flowers is a great way to spend time together.
Does my pup lying flat on their stomach while I drag them around the neighborhood even count as a walk?
We agree that walks are a necessary evil that breaks up our normal routine of spooning on the couch.
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