Nerd Out Wrestling Quiz

Which celebrity has not fought in a WWE match?
Will Smith
Jon Heder
Shaquille O'Niel
Which of these "facts" claimed by Hulk Hogan is actually true?
Hulk Hogan claimed he could lift and bodyslam Andre the Giant, a 500 lb man.
Hulk Hogan once said he was asked by Metallica to be the new bass player for the band.
Hulk Hogan claimed back in his heyday he wrestled 400 days in one year. Hogan claimed that since he traveled so frequently between the United States and Japan, the time difference made the 400 days a possibility
Hulk Hogan says he used to be 6'9, but now after his back and knee surgeries he's only 6'4
Which wrestler is fake?
Hornswoggle, a mute wrestling leprechaun who only got the power to speak after requesting it from Santa Claus
The Goobledy Gooker, a man sized turkey who would emerge from an egg to wrestle
Fang McFrost, a man with supernatural control over ice and snow
Goldust, an androgenous wrestler painted in gold who made opponents uncomfortable by putting them in sexual positions throughout the match
Which Vince McMahon fact is false?
WWE once held an event at the Bronx Zoo but were asked not to return by zoo personnel after Vince McMahon kept trying to antagonize the gorillas
The Kiss My Ass club is a group of wrestlers and performers who all legitimately kissed Vince McMahon's bare ass on WWE TV.
Vince McMahon once wrestled God and won
Vince McMahon did not know what a burrito was until his 70s despite having one for lunch multiple times a week for years
Wrestler Paul Burchill's character was that of a wrestling pirate until management decided he would be more successful as a wrestler who's sole character detail was...
Being the Wizard of Oz
Being a slacker wrestler who never actually tries
Being an actual demon who emerges from a portal to hell
Having a sexual relationship with his in-canon sister
How long was the shortest world title reign?
2 days
4 hours
6 minutes
45 seconds
What is WWE susperstar John Cena's signiture move named after?
His car
His wife
A Star Wars character
Which of the following is a real wrestler's name?
Friar Ferguson
Big Dick Johnson
Which of the following is not one of The Undertakers canonical abilities?
ability to teleport
control of fire
control over an army of 100+ hooded cultists
control of lightning
Which of the following has been officially allowed as a weapon because it is technically not a foreign object?
A jar of teeth
A title belt
The ringbell
The steel steps
Host of the Daily Show Jon Stewart once stoped John Cena from winning the World Championship Title at Wrestlemania.
Mr. T was in the Main Event of the first ever WrestleMania.
Actor Freddie Prince Jr. Was a writer for WWE TV for the years 2008-2010.
Justin Bieber once teamed up with John Cena in a tag team match.
The WrestleMania 25 Women's battle royal, set to celebrate women wrestlers in WWE over the past quarter century, was won by a man.
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