Jewish News Quiz: September 16, 2022

Which Middle Eastern country recently hosted its largest-ever Jewish wedding?
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Legal scholars questioned the constitutionality of a new state law in New York. What does it do?
Requires museums to label art looted by Nazis
Requires kosher certification agencies to share data with FDA inspectors
Imposes new curriculum standards on yeshivas
Requires municipal offices to close for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
A Manhattan synagogue provoked fury when it removed lox from its menu for its smorgasbords following Shabbat services. What was its rationale?
Supply chain disruption
Environmental concerns
Kosher status concerns
Overly messy eaters
A Forward analysis found that women have been locked out of leadership at many of the largest U.S. Jewish federations. Men control what percentage of the system's $9 billion in assets?
A congregation in New Mexico has a chance to return to its former synagogue. Why?
A seismic retrofitting project was completed, making it safe to occupy again
An anonymous billionaire donated it to them
The archdiocese to whom they sold it went bankrupt after a sexual abuse scandal
A judge ruled against the city's eminent domain claim following a lawsuit from the local heritage society
In The New York Times' blockbuster investigation of yeshivas this week, which source agreed to an interview?
Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz, president of the Central United Talmudical Academy
Bill de Blasio, former mayor of New York City
Dovid Cohen, author of censored yeshiva textbook
Zalman Teitelbaum, Satmar grand rabbi
A new documentary by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, and Sarah Botstein explores how many American Jews failed to raise the alarm about the Holocaust. What does it say was their primary concern?
That it would lead Americans to embrace the Jewish stereotypes touted by Nazis
That the Nazis would plant spies among the flood of refugees
That the flood of refugees would lead to increased competition in the job market
That missions to liberate concentration camps would have many casualties, endangering their children on the front lines
Benjamin Irvy declared King Charles "a mensch for all seasons" in a Forward column this week. Which connection to Jews does Charles NOT have?
He was circumcised by U.K. mohel Jacob Snowman
He was the pen pal of the German Jewish refugee and opera lecturer Else Mayer-Lismann
He installed a mezuzah at the main entrance to Buckingham Palace
He sponsored a Jewish Community Center in Krakow, Poland
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