Bounce Job Coach - What type of Job Coach are you?

When meeting a new client, how do you feel?
Energized and full of ideas about their potential
Generally happy, I like new faces
I feel okay, I know this is part of my role and a part of the process
Curious, I can't wait to get to know them
How do you generally like to work?
Self-directed, I love to be in control of work tasks and goals
I love having creative control and flexibility to try new ways of doing things
I loved a structured environment with set tasks and clear protocols
I love working with others and providing support where needed
What sort of work environment would you prefer to work in?
A place that is always on the go, with people who are driven to succeed and are solutions-focused
In a place where I feel free to be creative and flexible, within an innovative team
Work as part of a team, with the ability to converse regularly and logically
A community-driven hub, with people-centered approaches
Regarding who you come in contact with during work, would you rather:
Have contact with an executive team and high-level clients
Generally work alone, but have some contact with other like-minded team members
Work as part of a team, with the ability to converse regularly and logically
Have a high level of contact with the general public, customers and management
In your ideal job, each day would you like to:
Have a sense of control and achievement
Have created something new and exciting
Feel like you have done your job and done it right
Feel like you have helped someone and made a difference
What is important to you in your job?
Having control of the tasks and the outcomes
Having the freedom to do things your way
Having structure and processes to follow
Having a connection with people
What type people do you like to work with?
Energetic and intelligent people that love to achieve things
Innovative, creative people that like to have fun
Logical, responsible people that you can depend on
Caring and kind people
When a problem comes along at work, you:
Figure out the solution yourself in a logical way; you like a challenge
Have a quick think and try the first solution that comes to mind
Speak with others and research a solution that is most appropriate
Take others opinions into account before solving the problem
In your current role, you would:
Use your initiative and intelligence to achieve goals
Use your creativity and flexibility to achieve goals
Take detailed steps and create a plan to achieve goals
Use your caring nature to achieve goals
Which of the following do you enjoy most?
Which of the following do you enjoy most?
Drawing, writing and being creative while having fun
Meeting deadlines or completing tasks on time
Talking to people and listening to their stories
When working with my clients, I feel most comfortable when:
I am in control of the outcome
I am given freedom to work with them
I have structure and procedures to follow
I am around others that I feel I can help
When you walk into a room, what do you notice first?
The style of it and how you would organize it
The colors, textures and shapes
How practical and functional it is
If it looks comfortable or not
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Research things you are interested in
Go on an adventure
Complete household tasks
Visit friends and family
How do you like to dress?
Stylish and crisp
Fun and different
Practical and appropriate
Cool and comfortable or cozy and warm
I get energized when I think about:
Setting goals and hitting my targets
Creating projects and developing new ideas
Planning out my day
Ways I can enrich the lives of the people around me
I find it exhausting when:
I have to manage peoples emotions and feelings
I have to follow the rules all the time
Things are not organized and seem chaotic
I have to complete large data entry
When working with a client, I get excited when I hear them say:
"I got the job! Thanks for pushing me."
"I got the job! Thanks for showing me I could do it my way."
"I got the job! Thanks for helping me through the process."
"I got the job! Thanks for believing in me."
When you meet a client one year after they have finished with your services, you like to see them:
Moving onto bigger and better things
Having the freedom to live their lives how they see fit
Have the tools to maintain security and stability in their lives
Happy, living a fulfilling and enriching life
I get frustrated when I'm:
Not achieving things as fast as I would like
Not free to do the things I want to do
Not organized and things don't go to plan
Not able to help and make a difference
My favorite part of my role is:
Hitting my KPI's
Having fun with my clients
Staying on top of my caseload and keeping things organized
Working in a team environment
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