Summer of
No Regrets
Personality Quiz

1) You are invited to a party but you’re not sure you want to go. What do you do?
Text sorry and say I’ve got other plans
Make a list of pros and cons
See if any hot boys are going
Have my own party and invite the people I want
2) How would your friends describe you?
Weird and quirky (in a good way)
Quiet and loyal
Life and soul
3) Where’s your favourite place?
My bed – monster lie-ins rock!
On a boat
Anywhere – it’s who I’m with that matters
Our bench on the quay – I know my friends will always find me there
4) What’s the best feeling in the world?
Catching a cute guy checking me out when I’m trying to check him out
Knowing who I am and where I belong
Winning. Oh, and friendship. But mainly winning
When my mind’s quiet and I can think clear thoughts
5) Who is the most important person to you?
My nani – she’s awesome. And my friends, of course. I’ve got a top ten fave people if you’re interested?
My friends. Seriously, they’re my anchor
Which day is it… so that means it’s Jack. Only kidding! Got to be my mates!
Family – in the widest possible sense. I totally count my friends as family
6) What gives you peace of mind?
A completely ticked-off to-do list
When my brain stops churning
Knowing where I come from
Having friends that stick with me no matter what
7) What’s your perfect Saturday night?
A sleepover with my mates
Quiz night with my friends – we totally win, obvs
Checking out the local talent but ending up having a laugh with my friends
Milkshake in town with my mates
8) What are your thoughts about maths?
I LOVE numbers. Maths is awesome
I hate maths. Life would be better without it
Sometimes it’s okay but sometimes I can’t seem to think straight and that’s when maths and me don’t work out
Maths is too ‘meh’ to have thoughts about
9) What do you look for in a crush?
Someone with kind eyes
They’ve got to be 11/10 hot
Someone who can keep up. Too confident? Okay. Someone who doesn’t mind being out-done
Someone who I connect with on an intellectual level
10) Do you find it difficult to meet new people?
Yes! Massively
It’s okay. One of life’s necessities I guess
I love it – new people are so interesting
It’s fine. They can take me or leave me. I don’t care.
11) Do you think about other’s feelings before you speak?
A quick assessment, yes
Nah, I just say it
If they don’t like what I say, that’s their problem
12) Do other people often upset you?
Yes, but it’s not their fault. I shouldn’t be oversensitive
Yeah, when they get better marks than me!
It’s got to be something pretty serious to get through this tough exterior of mine. LOL
Not often, but when they do, it’s bad
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