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Bounce Job Coach Career Quiz

In my spare time, I like to:
Google something I’m interested in to find out more
Get out of the house and go on an adventure
Finish off the things I’ve been meaning to do around the house
Visit my friends and family to catch up
On the weekends, I like to dress:
Stylish and fresh
Fun and fashionable 
Practical and sensible 
Comfortable and warm
When I meet new people, I feel:
Excited, they might be full of new ideas
Pretty happy, I like talking to new people
Unsure, what type of person will they be?
Curious, I can’t wait to get to know them
When I walk into a room, the first thing I notice is:
The style of it and how I would organise it better
The background noise and if there is music or talking
If the layout makes sense and if it’s cluttered
If it feels comfortable or not
Generally, when I work:
I like to be independent and control my own tasks and workload 
I prefer to be told what things I have to do then be left alone to do my job
I prefer set tasks in a structured environment so I can complete them one after the other
I love being part of a team and having everyone help each other
When I’m working with other people, I would rather:
Be leading a team and making sure that everything is running correctly
Work alone but be connected to a group that is just like me
Work as part of a team and be able to figure out problems sensibly
Have heaps of contact with customers, management and the general public every day
If someone else were going to describe me, they would probably say I’m:
Fun loving
In my ideal job, I would like to:
Have a sense of control and achievement
Have done something new and exciting
Feel like I have done my job and done it right
Feel like I have helped someone
The most important thing to me in a job is:
Having control over any situation
Having freedom to do what I think is right
Having structure in what I do every day
Having connection with people and making a difference
I prefer to work with people who are:
Original and smart
Energetic and fun loving
Analytical and responsible
Caring and gentle
When a problem comes along at work, I: 
Figure out the solution myself, I like a challenge
Have a quick think and try the first answer that comes to mind
Chat with others and research a solution that makes the most sense
Take others opinions into account before fixing the problem
The thing I would enjoy most when I’m in a job is:
Working hard to develop new products, ideas or plans
Getting everything done but making sure I have fun while I do
Ticking things off my list and meeting deadlines 
Talking to people and listening to their stories 
I feel more comfortable when:
I am in control and have full co-operation from my team
I’m given the freedom to work on projects that I enjoy
I have structure and procedures
I am around others that I feel I can help
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