Which Officer role suits you?

What would you consider as your best trait? [tick one]
Confident spokesperson
Proactive and approachable
Active listener
I'd want to motivate students to: [tick multiple]
Join and run societies
Become a Rep
Give feedback about their learning experience
Get support or advice
Organise inclusive events
I want to help students with their employability by: [tick multiple]
Ensuring teaching and learning matches industry expectations
Helping student Representatives achieve their potential
Focusing BCUSU strategic planning to ensure students are supported fully
Organising industry panel talks celebrating Black excellence
Organising confidence building workshops
Raising awareness of activities and support available via Graduate+ and Careers, such as essay writing support and CV checks
I’d like to organise campaigns about: [tick one]
Teaching and learning quality
How students can get involved with BCUSU
Human Rights
Skills you get from running a society
Direct feedback from Reps
All of the above
I would prefer to focus on: [tick one]
Working directly with students
Chairing boards, committees and adapting policies
A bit of both
When working with BCUSU, I'd like to: [tick one]
Promote the Advice Team to students
Collaborate with the Student Voice Assistants
Lead the board of trustees
Develop student skills and employability
Ensure student feedback is central to all work
I’d like to help amplify the views of students: [tick one]
Concerned with academic issues
Engaged in welfare and wellbeing
Across a range of areas, from commuter students, to halls of residence, and part time
Of all campuses across the University
For all areas
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