MTF/NCBTMB Research Webinar Part II Quiz

What is one definition of research?
A method of collecting information with a purpose
Writing an article about your knowledge and getting it published
A systematic process of investigating facts and theories and exploring connections to discover new knowledge
Research is looking up information about a subject to prove how something works
Reading through online sources such as blogs and Wikipedia to prove that massage is helpful
What are three classifications of research methods?
Collaborative, authoritative, and subjective methods
Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods
Scientific, educational, and practical methods
Quantitative, systematic, permissive methods
Generally, what type of research is a case study?
What type of research is a Randomized Controlled Trial?
What are the different steps in a research process?
Identify question, read the literature, identify hypothesis, design study, determine methods, analyze data, communicate findings
Make an assumption, find literature resources that match assumption, write a paper based on the resources and assumption
Review literature, develop research plan, figure out question based on research plan, come up with conclusions
Formulate an idea of a condition to be researched, find participants, recruit researchers, collect data, and post to social media
What are elements to consider when evaluating research studies?
Several authors with higher education degrees that have obtained lots of research grant funding
Article is peer reviewed, clinically meaningful and has been published within 10 years
The study was conducted at a reputable university or affiliated medical center
The research article proves what most practitioners know about treating a condition.
What is the research pyramid?
A hierarchy of evidence with the fundamental study designs at the bottom of the pyramid and the highest-level designs at the top
Classifying research in levels that says one is more valid than another
Quantifies the number of research study designs with anecdotal findings being the most prevalent and reliable.
Demonstrates where most funding goes for research studies.
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