What's Your Activewear Fashion Personality?

What's YOUR fashion inspiration?
(Old) Hollywood movies
Runway and magazines
My own comfort
My mom's wardrobe
How sexy I am
What occassion do you look forward to flaunting your favorite clothes?
Weekends and nights out
Simple things like walks in the park
Dates, dates, and more dates
Cocktails and fancy parties
Your wardrobe is...
Always Up-to-date
Totally casual
Dominated by gentle colors
Smoking hot
How do you feel about patterns?
No, thanks!
The crazier the better, woohoo!
As long as it's comfy
Floral patterns and polka dots
The sexier, the better
For you fashion primarily reflects...
Timeless values
Everything physical
It’s your birthday and your friends are throwing you a surprise party. Of course, you’re not ready. What do you do about the outfit?
I spend as much time as needed finding the perfectly classy dress and matching accessories. Maybe I’ll even have to run to a boutique!
I check out my wardrobe and come up with a striking combo. It’s my birthday, I might as well dress crazily!
I’m staying in the clothes I’m already wearing. No need to make the fuss about it.
I just change to something sweet and appropriate for the occasion.
I always have a hot combo in my mind. This is the perfect occasion to use it!
You’re going on a big date. What are your fashion plans?
I’m turning my full-elegance mode on!
I’m thinking about simple, yet trendy clothes + some striking accessories (maybe even handmade)
Blue jeans and a blouse sound just perfect to me.
A skirt is definitely in the game. In fact, I want to look like a modern romcom hero!
I’ll make it tight. Dressing to seduce is the key to a successful date!
When it comes to your everyday style, you primarily want to feel
Pick your favorite style of shoe
Simple black heels, not too high
Converse All Star or colorful Oxfords
Sporty sneakers
Flats with a colorful print
Super high heels
Choose a dress you’d flaunt anytime:
Gala knee-length dress, mono-color, hiding more than it reveals
Long summer dress in striking colors
Dress? I’m not into dresses at all!
Simple midi or mini dress in pastel colors
Tight little black dress
Most of your accessories are:
Colorful and unusual
Cute (I love pearls and heart-shaped pendants)
Bold and expressive
How do you feel about the fashion trends?
They used to be better decades ago
I follow the trends and I set them
I find them irrelevant
I always try to blend them with my own ideas
I follow some of them but never all of them
Pick an exercising clothing combo:
Tank top + yoga pants
A tank top and pants made specifically for exercising
T-Shirt + sweatsuit
Simple tank top + loose shorts
Tight tank top + tight shorts
What’s with the makeup in your life?
I keep it simple and classy
I love prominent combinations
I don’t really use it that much
I like the no makeup look
I keep it sexy and enigmatic
And, finally, if you could change one thing about the fashion today, what would it be?
I’d add more 50s retro vibe to it.
I’d make it more diverse.
I’d pay more attention to how certain clothes feel.
I’d make it simpler and sweeter.
I’d make sure it enhances more of our bodies’ qualities.
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