Leadership Assessment

What my colleagues value most about me is:
My ability to get the day-by-day work done.
My ability to get them to cooperate.
My ability to change things.
Of greatest concern to me in my day-to-day work is that:
I work hard.
I am accurate.
I understand others.
I am creative.
I most value a colleague when:
They have an ability to tackle conflicts.
They maintain a high standard of quality in everything they do.
They demonstrate a will and ability to put in extra work.
They bring good new ideas.
In considering a new position, what is most important to me is:
New challenges.
Stability and job security.
The demands on me as an individual to perform.
A friendly working environment.
What characterizes me in my day-to-day work activities is that:
I am good at working with others.
I am good at spotting new opportunities.
I am good at structuring my work day.
I am good at completing my tasks.
A good day for me is when:
We get the day to day work done.
We cooperate across different parts of the organization.
We follow internal procedures.
We face tomorrow's challenges.
What I believe to be most important for our success is:
That we get done what needs to be done.
That we work across the organization as a team.
That we are at the cutting edge of what we do.
That we have procedures and systems that work.
I spend most of my time:
Getting others to work together to complete tasks and projects.
Trying to complete projects/tasks already in progress.
Making sure people complete tasks and projects in accordance with our policies and procedures.
Envisioning new projects and tasks.
In my opinion, my closest colleagues think that I am:
Focused and detail-oriented.
Good at implementing change.
Pleasant and easy to work with.
Good at getting things done.
In a perfect world, my job would permit me to:
Structure my work.
Be with people I like.
Experience something exciting.
Concentrate on my work.
What I bring to a team is that I am:
Motivated by results.
A good judge of character and a mediator.
Efficient and systematic.
Creative and progressive.
I succeed most because I understand:
Future developments and trends.
Policies, procedures and systems.
People skills.
What needs to be done.
A good day for me is:
When I have been able to work without interruptions.
When we have succeeded as a team.
When my new ideas have won acceptance.
When I have fulfilled my planned objectives for the day.
I need to feel that:
I can use my creativity
I get things done every day.
I am in control of the situation.
I am well liked.
What I want others to notice about me is:
My ability to work well with others.
My capacity to work.
My ability to work systematically.
My ability to think creatively.
Any new role I would like to have is:
One with orderly and secure working conditions.
One with constantly changing tasks and challenges.
One where I can work with people.
One where I can use my functional skills every day.
The most important aspect of my job is:
Establishing procedures which ensure efficient use of our resources.
Getting the day-to-day work done.
Ensuring my organization's future growth and development.
Motivating my colleagues in their work.
In my job I am good at:
Finding new and better ways to get things done.
Ensuring the job is done correctly.
Ensuring the job gets done.
Motivating others to get things done.
My attitude toward development work (brainstorming, strategic planning etc) is that it:
Takes me away from important day-to-day work.
Is OK so long as it is structured and well managed.
Gives me a chance to get to know others in the organization.
Is vital for us to grow and progress.
In general, the most frequent reason for me putting off an important decision is that:
I am not sure of other people's opinion.
I do not have sufficient information.
I see many possible solutions to the problem.
I have too much to do.
My ideal job requires me to:
Inspire the commitment of my colleagues.
Find new ways of working and new methods of achieving our goals.
Work carefully and systematically.
Work quickly and effectively.
The kinds of tasks I like are:
Those in which you can see the results the same day.
Those that make it possible to work systematically and within a structure.
Those that give me the opportunity to plan for the future.
Those that require cooperation with colleagues.
My most important quality in my current job is:
My ability to systematize.
My flexibility.
My ability to achieve goals.
My ability to work well with others.
The person taking over from me should like:
Operating in a well-structured working environment.
Dealing with others and team building.
Working under pressure and getting things done.
Risks and excitement.
Deep down, I would like to see myself:
As someone in touch with and respected by my colleagues.
As someone whom colleagues approach when they need accurate information.
As someone to rely on when they need help to do extra work.
As someone recognized by colleagues for the ability to find new solutions.
What pleases me most in my current job is:
That I get to do things the right way.
That I am left alone to get things done.
That I help ensure cooperation in teams.
That I foresee and plan for future developments.
The type of work that gives me the greatest satisfaction is:
Work which requires creativity and a willingness to take risks.
Work which requires all-out effort to achieve the tasks of the day.
Work which requires teamwork.
Work which requires systematic planning and research.
I respect leaders most for:
Their ability to get employees to view things from an overall perspective.
Their ability to work hard.
Their ability to see into the future.
Their thoroughness, which ensures few mistakes.
I want to be thought of as someone important in:
Getting the day-to-day work done.
Planning and directing our future.
Ensuring adherence to our procedures.
Creating good working relationships.
What characterizes me in meetings is that:
I facilitate good communication and interaction.
I contribute with objective and accurate knowledge and information.
I stick to the issue and focus on results.
I contribute with many new ideas and solutions.
I’m at my best when I need to:
Work quickly.
Work creatively.
Work efficiently.
Work collaboratively.
Of greatest concern to me in my day-to-day work is that:
What needs doing gets done.
We agree on what needs to be done.
What needs doing is done in the right way.
We choose the right things to do.
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